PayPal Flow Payment Gateway

This plugin will allow you to use PayPal Flow on your WordPress website.

Payflow Payment Gateway

This wordpress plugin is especially created to enable Payflow Gateway to your Premiumpress website. Payflow Gateway is PayPal’s secure and open payment gateway. Using the Payflow Gateway APIs, merchants can process debit and credit card payments including PayPal payments.

With Payflow Gateway merchants can choose to process their online store payments with any major payment processor, bank, or card association. It Accepts payment from anywhere any time which supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover card.

How do use PayPal Flow Payment Gateway with WordPress?

PayFast Payment Gateway

Payment Wesbsite:

Once installed, this WordPress plugin will create a new payment option within your PremiumPress admin area.

paypal flow

Useful link for testing:

Change Log

Version 1.2
Added Test/Live Mode
Updated CSS layout

How do I install the payment plugin?

Installation is quick and easy, follow the steps below to get started accepting payments on your website.

Step 1 - Download the free plugin.

Our free WordPress plugins are available to all members. You must first have a valid account with PremiumPress before you can download the plugin. Use the button on the right side of this page to download the plugin.

Step 2 - Install the plugin.

All PremiumPress free plugins are installed just like any other WordPress plugin. You do this via the WordPress admin area under Plugins -> Add Plugin tab.

Step 3 - Confirm plugin has been installed.

You've you've installed and activated the plugin, you should now see the plugin visible in the PremiumPress configuration panel.

Step 4 - Setup plugin.

Now click on the gateway name and enter the details it asks for which are usually obtained from your payment gateway provider and enable the plugin to be using it.

Once you've enabled the plugin via the Configuration page, it will be live on your website for members to use during checkout and payment processes.

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