FAQ & Commonly Asked Questions

We have complied a list of popular asked presales and FAQ’s below, if you cannot find the answer to your question here please contact us today.

1. Can i use PremiumPress themes with my existing WordPress theme?

Well yes and no, WordPress only allows one theme to be installed at any one time so you couldn’t install it onto the same website however what many clients do is create a sub folder or subdomain and install it there, for example;


shop.mywebsite.com directory.mywebsite.com

etc etc..

2. Do you provide phone support?

No, for security reasons we no longer offer phone support.

All support requests must be documented and submitted using our online help desk which can be found here;


3. Can I get a discount if I already purchased a theme?

Yes! We provide customer discount codes within the members area on our website. Existing customers can login to view current discounts.

4. What are your terms of service?

Our terms of service can be found here: Terms & Conditions

5. What are your support hours?

We offer 24/7 customer support

Our number one priority is taking care of our existing customers that’s why we have 5 full time support staff who work around the clock to ensure that at all times of the day there is at least 1 person on hand to answer your questions.

Our existing customers take first priority, we try to answer all support tickets within 12 hours of receiving them.
Busy Periods

Like every business we have our busy days, during busy periods there maybe some delays, we always answer support tickets on a ‘first come first serve’ basis and you should receive a confirmation email from our help desk once a support request has been successfully submitted.

6. Do i get PSD files for editing graphics?

Yes! All VIP purchases include PSD files for the theme you purchase. The PSD files can be downloaded from the VIP client area.

7. Do i get support and updates free?

Yes! All of our themes come with lifetime free support and updates. Whenever we release a new update of any theme you purchase, you get it free!

8. Does it come with multiple languages?

All our themes come with an english language file which you can translate into any language you like. Many of our customers provide translated documents within the community forum so be sure to check there also.

9. Can i sell/flip websites using your themes?

Yes of course BUT every client must have their own unique license key, you therefore must purchase a new license (copy of the theme) for the new website owner or get them to purchase one themselves.

Every client must have their own license key to obtain support and theme updates, if a license key is given away or used by non account holders your website may stop working and accounts closed.

Selling website’s is great fun!

We have lots of clients that setup and sell PremiumPress powered websites every day on popular online market places, as an existing PRemiumPress customer you can get customer discount codes from within your members area.

To buy a new license for your client simply purchase a new copy of the software, send us a support ticket with the new account holders details and we can setup a new account for them.

10. How many websites can i setup?

You can install any paid theme on as many sites as you want that you own. There is no limit to the number of websites you setup using our themes.

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