WordPress Cashback Theme

What is it?

This is a WordPress theme you install onto any WordPress website. You have unlimited theme installations on websites you own - no extra cost!

How does it work?

Once installed you'll have a website that looks the same as our demo website. Demo content included to help you get started right away.

Can I customize it?

Of course! You have full control over the entire website; designs, pricing, features can all be controlled via the admin area. - perfect for beginners!

Are there any other costs?

No! Everything you need is included and there are no hidden costs.

wordpress cashback theme

150+ Design Blocks Included

Lot's of hand-crafted cashback website layouts to get you started, pick and choose from 150+ design blocks to customize any layout.

Cashback System

This theme comes with a built-in cashback system. Users can signup, activate cashback links and monitor the cashback requests via their dedicated members area.

Advanced Ajax Search & Custom Search Filtering

We have one of the most powerful search systems on the market - Ajax search with advanced custom filters.

Dedicated Store Pages & SEO Descriptions

All stores have their own dedicated pages for SEO purposes and to help users separate deals by store.

Dedicated Members Area With Upgrade & Stats

Wow your members with our powerful members area setup. Users can login anytime to manage their cashback requests, update profile details, pay for invoices and lots more!

Pricing Tables, Upgrades, Memberships & More!

Your website, your rules! Let your users add their own cashback deals and charge them $$$. Optional add-ons and upgrades include featured, homepage and sponsored ads.

Clocked Affiliate Links

Clocked Affiliate Links

All external links are clocked so your SEO is not jeopardized and you can monitor which links are used the most. Links are opened in the previous window so users are able to quickly navigate.

Feedback & Rating System

Feedback & Rating System

Your website visitors can leave comments and feedback about how to use the deal or any feedback they have about your cashback website.

100% Responsive Website Design

Your cashback website will be fully responsive and look beautiful on all user devices.

Admin Area

Website management is a breeze with our built-in admin pages. As the website owner you get access to lots of amazing tools to help you manage members, track orders and monetize your website.

The Most Advanced Admin Area Toolset Ever!

By far the most complete set of admin area tools on the market. Fun and easy to use, the admin area includes everything you need to build and manage a successful cashback website.

Cashback Management

Manage all your cashback deals via the admin area. Turn on/off admin approval. Update user details, help them add photos etc. It's quick and easy.

Advanced Design Tools

Customzing your website is easy. This theme comes with 150+ ready-made design blocks to help you create a unique presence for your business.

On/Off Website Features

Customize and tailor your website to suit your requirments. Turn on/off display options and website features via the admin area.

Built-in Payments & Checkout System

We have a built-in checkout system allowing seemless integration between your website and user payment. Don't forget, we also have built-in tax, shipping and cashback deals too!

Email & Newsletters

Send personlized emails with the built-in email and newsletter system or integrate your favorite third-party mailing list provider.

Email & Newsletters

Affiliate Comission

The most popular reason why people create cashback websites is to earn affiliate comission. This theme is setup to help you make money online.

Free & Paid Cashback Listings

You can let users create their own cashback deals to advertise on your website. Setup your own prices and charge as much as you want.

Cashback Listing Upgrades

Charge extra for listing upgrades such as homepage exposure, top of search results and featured listings. This way users who add coupons will get more views.

Membership Packages

Create free or paid memberships and allow users to create X number of cashback deals free before their membership expires.

Google Adsense & Banner Advertising

This theme comes with a fully integrated advertising system allowing users to buy advertising space on your website. You can even display your own ads including Google adsense.

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