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  • Gerardo Gerardo

    charge as a function of number of ads and time

    How could charge as a function of number of ads and time? EmployeePress 7.1.4..

  • Andre Andre

    Youtube Link

    hi guys if the employee want to watch the video he received from the “Job seeker” the link to youtube isn’t working (page error 404)..

  • Brand Brand

    Toggles, Tabs, Columns

    Hello, is there anyone who can tell me how can i use Toggles, Tabs, Columns on a Page in Employeepress? Please not understand… i know about, but..

  • Brand Brand

    Where i can hide Job Salary / Budget on Submisson Form

    Hello, i wan’t to disable or hide the option on submission list “Job Salar/Budget” because i no need that. Can anyboy help me where ..

  • Michael Michael

    How can I edit registration page in EmployeePress ?

    How can I edit registration page in EmployeePress ? At the bottom of the registration there is a Job Seeker/Employer option, need to remove that from ..

  • Andy Andy

    Job Owner Email (EmployeePress)

    Hi, Can anyone tell what (code) I need to use for the recipient when creating an email template that is to be sent to the JOB OWNER in EmployeePress? ..

  • Roemie Roemie

    iDeal Not working (Mollie)

    Hi, I am using EmployeePress and whenever I enable Mollie in the payments, it does get shown on the front-end, but without any options to select. Any ..

  • Andre Andre

    E-mail problem 3.5.2

    Under My account I should activate my email, but there is no button and no link for it. Under my messages: If I press the button “View message&#..

  • Michal Michal

    Empoyees searchable

    Hi Mark, are you planning to set feature such as employees search?..

  • Michael Michael

    User Accounts.

    Hello, Recently purchased the theme and absolutely love it after evaluating literally dozens of others … thank you Mark. My question at this poi..

  • Michael Michael

    Slider is Manual Only?

    Hello, I’m endeavouring to get the slider to display “Use Featured Posts” but cannot, the site comes back with the below message ..

  • Michael Michael


    Hello Once More, I’m not sure if this is the place to post this stuff however I have a couple of additional observations I’d like to air w..

  • Michael Michael

    DeskTop Server

    Hello, Perhaps I should qualify my situation in that the site I’m developing/trialing is not live as yet but rather exists on my desktop running..

  • Michael Michael

    Not writing Catergory.

    Hi Again, Not looking to wear anyone out with my posts here but really luv the theme and would like to maximize its potential The problem I am experie..

  • ankit ankit

    remove widget from home

    how remove widget from home page..

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