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  • Jamie Jamie


    Hi all, First i’d like to say I am surprised at how few posts there are regarding Employeepress. It is an absolute nightmare to configure with v..

  • Rod Rod

    Search text

    Sorry if this is a simple question, I am used to Joomla. I cannot find where to change the test on the search bar, I guess its a module but I cannot f..

  • Andy Andy

    Login/Logout on EmployeePress

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have the users account details (login/logout/My Account) showing on the EmployeePress home page. I have unchecke..

  • Daniel Daniel

    Slider Help

    Hello, The slider is too fast and users can barely have time to read the text can anyone please tell me how can I make it slower. Thanks in advance..

  • Chris Chris

    Header NavBar error on fluid design

    Hi Is there a fix for the header being stuck to the left on fluid 100% design Thanks in advance for any help..

  • Chris Chris

    Simple Search/Big Search

    Hi, Sorry for all the questions today, within the search function on the home page is it possible to put an extra field instead of just the keyword se..

  • Chris Chris

    Login Issues

    I set up a website and people can’t login using their emails – they can only login using their usernames or screen name….did I do so..

  • Chris Chris

    Employee Press Sign In

    I set up a website with employee press. www.teachistanbul.org users can not sign in with their emails, only their screen names, yet the sign in page s..

  • Michael Michael

    Select File Button.

    Hello Once More, I’m having a problem when posting a new job, with the “Select File” button relative to “Upload Attachments..

  • Erik Erik

    indeed upload

    What is a wrapper Warning: simplexml_load_file() [function.simplexml-load-file]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_..

  • Andre Andre

    Change Invoice Form

    Hello everybody Where and how can i change the invoice form? I need to translate it in german and i need to put the tax into the form. Thanks for your..

  • Brand Brand

    Childtheme not work with own Slider

    Hello, well i’m using a Child Theme make some changes and now i want to change the slider. Click on custom Slider in Admin menu and give in the ..

  • Michal Michal

    Link to employee's profile

    When employee apply for job or make comment employer can’t check employees profile. Link doesnt work, why is that?..

  • Michal Michal

    Feedback feature

    Hi guys, The feedback feature is acctually in employee profile not employer. So when you complete the job you create feedback that goes into employee ..

  • Michal Michal

    Combine user accounts

    Hi, did anyone try to combine employee and employer accounts or have idea on how to go about it...

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