Bronze User
Has more than 50 posts on the community forum.
Silver User
Has more than 100 posts on the community forum.
Gold User
Has more than 500 posts on the community forum.
Platinum User
Has more than 1,000 posts on the community forum.
Helpful Award
Has recieved 10+ helpful points on the community forum.
+50 points
Fast Responder
Fast and helpful responses to community questions.
+100 points
Thank You Coffee
Has contrubuted to the community and helped others.
+50 points
Villian Award
Has been warned about inappropriate conduct.
-100 points
Video Testimonial
Has recorded a customer video testimonial for PremiumPress.
+500 points
Has left feedback on Google or Trustpilot for PremiumPress.
+250 points
Bussiness Tycoon
Has a PremiumPress powered website on the showcase page.
+500 points
Developer Badge
Is offering design services to the PremiumPress community.
+100 points