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  • Daniel Daniel

    Employee press bidding

    Hi, I am using employeepress and debating using another theme . The reason for that is because when job seekers apply for jobs, they have to pay to &#..

  • Elzbieta Elzbieta

    Advanced search widget error

    Hi there, Please see attached screenshot from Employee Press, and let me know what I need to do to remove the errors in the widget bar that appear. Th..

  • Andre Andre

    Translation Tool isn't working properly

    Hello We have the problem, that the translation tool (english to german) doesn’t translate everything. (language_german.php) For example. File 2..

  • Mike Mike

    htaccess keeps deleting

    Help My htaccess file keep sdeleting on a daily basis and corrupting the re-write rules. Is there a known issue with this. Can someone offer a solutio..

  • Jamie Jamie

    Employeepress Price on Carousel

    Hi, I have just had my first paying customer and the package price they used was sitting under the image on the homepage carousel. I had to trash thei..

  • Jamie Jamie

    Hide 'Proposals' Job Description

    Hi, I have selected remove bidding in the submission settings but at the bottom of each job listing is a yellow box saying ‘No proposals have be..

  • Mike Mike

    RSS Feed Handler

    Can any RSS importer be used instead of the one built into EmployeePress Theme? My importer keeps timing out..

  • rozikin rozikin

    Login with email

    Hi Guys, I want to add text “Email” in member login page (wp-login.php) instead of “Username:” only. So the whole text will be..

  • Michal Michal


    Hi Mark, having in mind feature request board, bugs, etc will you develop this theme or shall we bin it?..

  • Mike Mike

    Adding a Taxonomy To Page

    I have added a new custom taxonomy and this does not appear on the listing page as expected. How do I insert this into my listing page?..

  • Sharoon Sharoon

    Customize 'Apply for Job' button in Employeepress

    I am using xml job feed that directs users to an external page to apply for jobs. I was wondering if it is possible to customize ‘Apply for Jobs..

  • Md Delower Md Delower

    widgets is not whowing in employeepress

    After installing employeepress, wordpress widget area is not showing and after clicking widget buttion wordpress menus are not poping up on mouse hove..

  • Mike Mike

    Password Mis – Match

    Does anyone have a solution for passwords error when editing anything within “My Account Details”. When you are about to save any changes ..

  • Dave Dave

    Submission not working

    I have tried to do the Submission packages, but it is not showing up on my site, and I have it enabled. Any Ideas why it is not working. Thanks!..

  • Chris Chris

    Category/Location in Tabs

    Hi…again I have created a tab box on my homepage labels are “Jobs” “Location” “Salary” in each tab I want to..

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