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  • Kieron Kieron

    Affilaite System Link AffilaiteWP

    I am looking to setup a classified site that pays out to my members. I own lifetime account with AffilaiteWP and was wondering if there is a way to in..

  •  g

    Central Login

    Hello, We want to use various themes (Directory, Classifieds, Shop) on one website. It would be ideal if people would have to register only once to ma..

  •  Nicholas

    Menu text size & colour

    Wondering if someone could please tell me how I may increase the size of the text in my top menu to approximately the same size as that in the main me..

  •  Stefan

    When is the final release for V9 Classifieds

    Hi, Firstly, I definitely do not want to whine and I appreciate the hard work! But when can we expect the new version? I made a forum post and not a t..

  • David David

    No Elementor Templates in Page Builder

    So I’m a bit stuck trying to follow the ‘Design with Elementor’ video tutourial to edit my listing page layout. What do we do if non..

  • ronan ronan

    page builder

    Hi everybody, I built my own pages with Elementor. However, I have two problems. – When I change the page serach result by the one I built, it d..

  • Mohamed Farhan Mohamed Farhan

    Categories Not Showing

    Hello, i have a issue for showing categories in default drop-down categories menu, help me , my site URL Thanks..

  • ronan ronan

    widgets and sidebars

    Hello, Is it possible to add and / or remove widgets on the sidebare of the ads pages, listing pages and homepage? Best regards, Ronan..

  • Chris Chris

    Lost the option to add custom fields to advanced search

    Version 8 you were able to add custom fields to the advanced search however V9 you cannot is this correct?..

  •  DANA

    Editing a listing

    Hello, when I click on edit listing, it does not have any saved information at all. It makes the user start from the beginning to edit a listing? Is t..

  • Aaron Aaron

    How to edit listing page

    Hi, I’m going through the forums to find solutions so I didn’t have to bother anyone, but still clueless. The older versions were so much ..

  • Chris Chris

    how best to add conditional submission fields for make and Model

    Conditional Taxonomies or categories based on Make & Model I would like users to select a make and then it show a list of models. e.g user is subm..



    i, thanks for adding Elementor to the PP theme, if it works properly, then it would simplify things a lot for people with no coding experience. I̵..

  •  Nicholas

    How to change header source url

    Could anyone tell me please how I may change the source url of the header image that I wish to place in the Top Navigation area of a Responsive Classi..

  • Chris Chris

    IOS app

    Hi how easy is it to convert premium press to an iPhone app. Thank you Chris..


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