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  • Andrew Andrew

    Listings above text in categories

    Hi guys, I’ve added some text on some to my category pages but it appears above the listings, how can get it to show below. The text is needed f..

  • tony tony

    account page and add listing pages not working

    i need help in a hurry here. i put in a ticket last night but no one answered it. 2 pages on my website are not working now at all. https://mustangtra..

  • tony tony

    Don't upgrade to version 9

    Unless you have lots of time and don’t mind a lot of bugs and differences with version 8 and things that no longer work in version 9, stay with ..

  • Chris Chris

    Lost the option to add custom fields to advanced search

    Version 8 you were able to add custom fields to the advanced search however V9 you cannot is this correct?..

  • tony tony

    Search bar in Sidebar

    can someone help me here. i want to add a search bar in the right sidebar at I’ve tried the Elementor ..

  •  ppt_pecolifestore26-03-19_92926213

    I want to make a buy button with a classified theme

    I have purchased an Elementer Pro, all templates. Can I use the shopping function in micro job theme or shopping theme with classified theme? We also ..

  • tony tony

    Version 9 – no categories showing up – using the new version 9 and used the ‘categories’ element and in the right sidebar it shows ..

  • Don Don

    Description shows in search results but disappears when opening the listing

    We use real estate listing ads. Each listing is entered with a Description. A portion of the description shows in the search results, however when we ..

  • tony tony

    Where do i format the listing page?

    Here is what my listing page looks like in version 9 – ..

  • tony tony

    Limited Widgets

    Why are there limited widgets using the Version 9 of this Theme? Normally with the default WordPress, there are many more widgets than i am seeing in ..

  • tony tony

    Version 9 – only 2 listing types

    I’ve been told Version 9 only allows 2 separate listing types – standard and featured. Since we have 5 listing types with version 8 and ha..

  •  James

    Submission Setup -> Custom Fields Problem

    Hi, using custom field for submission forms, Works great, but “display category” field changue their values when you add new custom field...

  • tony tony

    RSS feeds

    Is there an Elementor element that i could use to add an RSS feed to my website? And how is it done?..

  • tony tony

    how do i update my child theme

    i just downloaded the latest version of the classified theme and uploaded it to my admin under appearance/themes. I see it there but i’m using t..

  •  ppt_pecolifestore26-03-19_92926213

    I want to edit the search results and the list display.

    I am buying an elementer pro. All premiumplus themes are purchased. I want to list the classifieds and edit the search results.


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