Valuable and worthwhile domain names that can kick-start your business.

August 6, 2014 / Business Tips & Tricks 15,224 readers.

Snapping up established domain names with existing traffic and search engine exposure can save you time and money getting your business off the ground!

Did you pick the right domain name for your website?

Invest a small amount of time now picking the right domain name and reap the rewards of quicker search engine rankings and instant website traffic.

Let’s learn how to pick profitable domain names for your business.

First things first, we need to find somewhere that we can buy old domain names.

Why old domain names you may ask? Well for starters, old domain names give your website more creditability within search engine rankings because of the age. Next, old domain names that are established often come with existing website exposure (rankings, back links etc) so getting your website listed in search engines becomes much quicker than starting with a newly purchased domain name. Lastly old domain names can be found with existing traffic which means you have instant website visitors to to help kick-start your business.

So where do you find old domain names?

There are many options online but personally I recommend using GoDaddy Auctions. This is basically a marketplace where people can buy and sell domain names. Before a valuable domain name expires, GoDaddy will try and sell it through auction, giving interested buyers the chance to snap it up before it goes back to being available for normal registration.

So how does it work?

Step 1 – Visit the GoDaddy website

First of all you need to visit the GoDaddy auction website:

Here you will see a search box that you can use to type in relevant keywords, as well as lists of the ‘featured’ and ‘most active’ domains.

Step 2 – Searching domain names

The next step is to find a suitable domain name using keywords relevant to your market niche. For example, ‘sports.’ If there are two words that are relevant to your market niche, type in both of them to narrow down your search. The more relevant your domain name is to the products you sell or services you offer, the more valuable it will be to your business. See the screen shot below for further guidance.

Step 3 – Choosing a valuable domain name

Once GoDaddy has bought up a list of potential domain names, relevant to your niche keyword search, you will need to make a shortlist of the most valuable domain names. The columns visible on the GoDaddy auctions page labeled ‘traffic’ ‘valuation’ and ‘price’ will give you an idea of the selling value of a specific domain name and how valuable it is.


When choosing a valuable GoDaddy domain name, it is a good idea to pick one that already has traffic. The fact that a domain is already receiving traffic means that it is established and therefore ranking in relevant searches on Google and other search engines.

At this point you do not need to pick one single domain. Instead make a short list featuring between five and ten potentially valuable domain names.

Step 4 – Checking the domain name’s credibility

Once you have shortlisted a few potential domain names, it is important to check their credibility. The best way to do this is to visit Alexa ( Providing Alexa has enough data to rank the domain name, it will be able to tell you it’s global ranking, as well as any sites linking in to it. It is best to choose a domain that already has other websites linking to it.



Another tool for checking backlinks for a domain is Majestic SEO, this the link to see the backlinks for example for –

Step 5 – Viewing the history of the domain name

After checking the credibility of a domain name using Alexa, I highly recommend using the Way Back Machine to view snapshots of the domain’s previous appearances. Using this tool will allow you to check that the domain was not previously used as a spam site or contained any illegal content. As you can see on the screen shot below, the Way Back Machine had various different screen shots for the ‘’ domain.





Step 6 – Bidding on and winning the domain name

If you are happy with the results returned by the Way Back Machine and the domain has not been used for any spammy or illegal activity, you can head back to the GoDaddy auctions and place your bid. Providing that you are the highest bidder and the reserve price is met, you will win your chosen domain and the seller will transfer it to your GoDaddy account.

It’s not uncommon for niche market domain names with traffic and a good history to go for as little as $10 – $20 so it’s well worth spending the time.

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Thank You.

Mark Fail

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