WordPress YouTube Plugin Update

The new YouTube video plugin for WordPress is now available for free download.

YouTube have now official stopped supporting their API version 2.0 therefore we have updated the PremiumPress Youtube video plugin to support their newer version 3.0 API.

WordPress YouTube Plugin

The new changes will not affect existing functionality however to import new videos and continue to use the plugin you will need to setup a few things.

YouTube, owned by Google, has now placed more restrictions on their YouTube API usage and therefore an API key is now required.

Setting up your YouTube API Key

The YouTube API key is free and can be generated via your Google account. (if you dont have a Google account now is the time to create one).

You need to login to your Google account, create a new project then navigate to your API console here;


You then need to turn on and enable the YouTube data API.

YouTube Plugin for WordPress

Your API key can be see here

Video plugin

If you have any problems please update the forum post found here;



Mark Fail

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