Coupon Theme

  • mark mark

    I am running V 8.2 on another site and love most of it. The V 9.0 is…

    Hi guys! I am running 8.2 on another site and never upgraded it. I am now trying to use V 9 on another site and so far it has not been user friendly f..

  • mark mark

    Can a registered user add their own store or just add single coupons?

    I would like for businesses to be able to open their own store and manage their own coupons. Is this possible and easy for them to do if it is? Thank ..

  • ppt_diazentity18-05-19_95638301 ppt_diazentity18-05-19_95638301

    rating system for deals and coupons

    Hello, How to troubleshoot the ratings system on coupons/deals. They are not working appropriately and staying all at 100% despite inputs. Thank you f..

  • ppt_diazentity18-05-19_95638301 ppt_diazentity18-05-19_95638301

    add coupon with no registration

    Hello, I need help allowing the button to “Add Coupon” to submit a listing without being registered or logging. Is this possible? I have a..

  • ppt_diazentity18-05-19_95638301 ppt_diazentity18-05-19_95638301

    changing title of the "Add Coupon " button

    Hello, How do I change the Add on coupon Button from “Add Coupon ” to “Add Link” Thank you for your help! (Using Coupon Theme ..

  •  ppt_retaildiscountcodes20-03-19_92369175

    Sort Coupons by Listing Type

    I would like to order coupons by listing type. So for example if there is an actual coupon code i would like it to show up first in the store pages. S..

  • Thulio Thulio

    Using [post_title] or [TITLE]in search results with no link

    How i can deactivate the coupon link in the post? in the older theme i use de shortcode [TITLE_NOLINK] and now how i can do this?..

  •  Abhishek

    Getting error when enabling mobile web option "on"

    Hi I am getting below error whenever I tried to activate mobile web option. Can anyone help? Warning: file_get_contents(

  •  Anna

    Premium Press compatible with Woocommerce and datafeedr?

    Hi, I’m looking for a alternative to Icodes feed. I heard woocommerce with datafeedr plugin works well for importing. Will this work within the ..

  • mark mark

    homepage slider?

    I have version 8.2 running on an older site and it has a great slider on the homepage for as many slides as I want. On the newest version (v 9 I think..

  •  Dien

    Can I use safari or Chrome OS to work on coupon theme or any other prem. themes?

    Can I use safari or Chrome OS to download and work on coupon theme or any other prem. themes? Thanks...

  •  Amit

    SSL issue by Pagepeeker image url

    My site is SSL enabled. But due to Pagepeeker image url’s my site is showing insecure url’s. Is there any resolution regardi..

  •  ppt_glaucio26-04-19_95074828

    Calendar and language problems

    I have 2 problems with my theme. At first the problem is with the SEO Rank Math plugin, I even opened a ticket with them, but they asked me to show th..

  • ayman ayman

    i want upgrade

    @Mark Fail When Can upgrade from 8.9.6 to 9. thanks..

  •  Tiago

    Coupon image instead of store image

    Well, I would need your help since I can’t figure how to do this. In the listing/search results, if I have a store image, it will show the store..


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