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  • Matthew Matthew

    Show specific stores in Popular Stores box?

    Can I get the Popular Stores box to display specific stores? Is there a query string I can use to display specific store ID’s?..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Unknown end date

    Hello, Is it possible to add an option when there is no end date for a coupon? For example: when there is no date in the listing, the end date at the ..

  • Astrid Astrid


    Hi, I’m using coupon theme 9.1.7. Is there a way to pre-date listings? There used to be a post_date that you could fill in so that you could pre..

  • Astrid Astrid

    Home page slider

    Hi, I’m using coupin theme 9.17. I want to change the home page slider. I do that through: Design Setup, homepage content, homepage slider. I cl..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Echo Taxonomy Image In Single Listing?

    How would I go about showing the current listing’s taxonomy image? For instance, on a single listing page I would like to show to store logo abo..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Search deals

    Hello, Is it possible to add a searchbox for deals? The searchbox only searches for coupons. Or maybe in the header, with a selection list for coupons..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Page numbers

    Hello, Is it possible to add page numbers to the latest coupons at the bottom of the homepage? I don’t think it’s possible via Elementor. ..

  • Sylwester Sylwester

    9.1.7 version PROBLEM add text

    Ciao, I got problem with text add (version 9.1.7) I added text with elementor plugin and updated, but nothing changed on homepage. How to add text? Sy..

  •  Vivek

    Coupon Theme New version 9.1 Issue

    Hi All, Starting this thread to post issues and resolutions related to Coupon Theme V 9.1 Here are few to start with, Issue#1: As reported by @Naveen,..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Carousel Shortcode?

    What is it?..

  • Matthew Matthew

    How do I get iCodes premiumpress discount?

    I’ve read that premiumpress members get an exclusive discount on icodes memberships, but can’t find any details on how exactly to go about..

  • Sofie Sofie


    Hello, Is it possible to change the footer of the theme? Thanks, Sofie..

  • Sofie Sofie


    Hello, Is it possible to enable the store in the mobile view? Because the store is not visible now in mobile version. Regards, Sofie..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Can't install iCodes plugin (iframe doesn't load)

    I just get an empty page when trying to install the icodes plugin through the theme dashboard. It looks like the page is trying to use an iframe, but ..

  •  Hung

    Browsers block pop-up

    Hi all Most browsers and extensions block popup, can not go to Affiliate Link. please help me fix it. thankyou!..

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