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  • Chris Chris

    9.24 | WP Date / Time Format ? Add new listing / date time picker conflict?

    Anyone else having problems getting the date picker to work? If not? what are your WP Date format settings set to? When using the date/time picker in ..

  • hai hai

    CouponPress V9 Issue

    About 3 days to optimize the site and features but today I try to post a coupon and it does not display at home page, it does not display at store pag..

  • Matthew Matthew

    CSS class for expired listings?

    I’ve enabled expired listings to be included in the results (mainly for SEO), but I’m unable to find any css class associated to the expir..

  •  Abhishek

    Same widget but showing different contains

    Hi, Store widget showing different items when using on Home page and Search page. Please have a look. – Home Page htt..

  • Chris Chris

    Change Logs ?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Does anyone know how to find a changelog of v9+? I don’t see them within my zip file, and the link in this site’s footer to the change log..

  • ayman ayman

    how change expired

    hi how can i change expired text if no expired coupon any help thanks..

  •  Hazel

    Customising Buttons and Text

    I have updated ot the new version of the site, and a have a few requirements to be able to use it sill to suit my needs: My site is a “DealsR..

  • ayman ayman

    i want upgrade

    @Mark Fail When Can upgrade from 8.9.6 to 9. thanks..

  • Aman Aman

    iOS & Android App Developer

    Hi Folks, Keen to find out if you know any iOS or Android app developers for Premium press themes? Especially for this theme. Thanks...

  •  Zlatan

    How to change displayed categories and stores

    Hello all I need help changing the stores showing in widget FEATURED STORES how do i do that ? I need to change categories menu on the left side to sh..

  •  Zlatan

    Problem after update when posting to facebook

    After the last update when i post a coupon link to the facebook it shows wrong store picture. Now it shows the first store picture all the time. How t..

  • Aleksandr Aleksandr

    I can not find the Russian translation of these words

    Hello, I can not find the Russian translation of these words (on the main page of the site). Loco translate What coupons are you ..

  • ayman ayman


    Menu size changed after update to Version: 9.2.4..

  •  Mohammed

    Got a Wrong Coupon theme. I was looking out for Version 8.9.6

    Hi Premium Press Team, I got a wrong theme. The features which I am looking out for are not there in CouponPress 9.0 whereas those features are availa..

  • Chris Chris

    9.2 Stores page – Stores not listing

    Since installing 9.2 today in a staging area, My store page is not displaying the list of stores. I have assigned the COUPON – STORES LIST templ..


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