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  • Dan Dan

    Shopping cart empty bug – how do I fix it? Its an amazon affiliate website. on and off there is a bug where after clicking ad to chart then checkout it returns the page /..

  • Peter Peter

    Image link and space between image and text

    Hi all, some help would be much appreciated if possible. I need to try and make the site I’m working on look a little ‘tidier.’ The ..

  •  natalia

    Products do not display

    Hi. I just deleted sample products and added my own product on but the product does not display, it just blinked when you click..

  • simon simon

    Users and Orders

    Hello, I’ve posted a couple of other threads with issues I’ve had. However, I think I just need to start again with 8.9.6 – so that&..

  • Cynthia Cynthia

    Can PHP 5.4 be used with shopperpress?

    I am having issues with some of my sites and am wondering if PHP 5.4 is compatible...

  •  Douglas

    Logo: need to change width

    I am using shopperpress. When i installed spopperpress i was able to find where i could change the length for the logo, but now i would like to change..

  • Dave Harris Dave Harris

    Free upgrade to new responsive theme …

    Mark is offering a free upgrade from the old v7 theme to responsive. Not sure why it took me to announce it. A review of Reliability of PremiumPress T..

  •  Robbie

    How to limit description text?

    Hey guys, I was wondering how I can line up the ‘add to cart’ buttons by capping the description text? My items have all been automaticall..

  •  Robbie

    Amazon API Details Invalid..

    Hey, I have been getting this message when trying to use the Amazon Import Tool with the shopping theme. “We could not connect to Amazon because..

  • Sandra Sandra

    Full page layout

    Hi, I am using shopperpress v. 7.1.4 and when I select: Page width 100% + 960px or Content Width 960px, there is no difference in layout. Everything i..

  •  james

    Product Export

    How do I export all my products to a csv file?..

  • Adela Adela

    Order not send on email

    Version 8.9 Hi, contact form and test email is working OK! But when i make a new order is not send on my email! Can anyone please help me !?..

  • Brandon Brandon

    Access denied for user ‘cobramot’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) on line: 1063

    ShopperPress 7.4 Website has worked perfect for over 2 years. And today this ERROR pops up. Can anyone tell me what this is. What File is this error r..

  • Dino Dino

    Help! Access denied for user @'localhost' (using password: NO) on line: 1058

    Shopperpress 7.1.4 error above during PayPal checkout. And all order history is gone. What is the fix without using an upgraded theme. Worked up until..

  •  Rujuta

    I cannot find any option for Affiliate Store

    Hi, I have installed theme to wordpress, but I can’t find any option in the menu from where I can create an affiliate store. Thanks!..

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