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  • Sandra Sandra

    Add "Expires in X hours" to product in Shopperpress

    Is it possible to add “Expires in .. hours/days” to Shopperpress products? I see the possiblibly in couponpress, but do not know if I can ..

  • Colin Colin

    GBP and currency symbol

    I am using PayPal with ShopperPress. However, having to set up fields with GBP instead of £ to ensure PayPal works means I have GBP rather than £ ap..

  • Frank Frank

    Strange Image Upload and Display Problem

    If I upload an image when creating a new product, it is uploaded to the /thumbs folder (permissions 777) but it does not display on the product listin..

  • Daniela Daniela

    Agreement on terms when buying

    Hello Guys, why is there no agreement on the terms of trade, when buying something in the shop? What can I do? Mark has made a plugin, so that people ..

  • henry henry

    Article template?

    Hello, I want to edit the layout of the article page, the actual page the article is on not the listing of articles. What page is this in the theme? T..

  •  Jorge

    All Products Listing Page

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to create a page to view all products? Thanks...

  •  Greg

    ShopperPress crashes When I try to log into my site, the site crashes as soon as I click on the username box – I don’t even to ty..

  •  Hala


    Hello there, have any succeeded in securing the wordpress admin using SSL while being able to add products? It does not work for me...

  • david david

    Scarpping Amazon

    Is there a tool where i can scrap Amazon and the output file would be the CSV needed to import to Shopper Press. I know I could do each category one b..

  •  Rosalia

    Featured Listing price not to show

    hi there I want not to show the price in the featured listing on the home page. Which file i should be looking at in order to remove this? Thanks..

  • david david

    Have 3 columns of 3 on home page

    Hi . How can i set it so i’ve 3 products across and 3 down on the 1st page of my site ? I will also be having a slider across the top but its th..

  •  Jim

    404's for page 2+ all categories.

    Hello, using shopperpress (any theme including default) with about 1K products imported from Amazon so far before being notified that all category pag..

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