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  • Ed Ed

    Promotional in Description

    Why does word “promotional” appear in bulk listing upload?..

  • Cletus Cletus

    Adding images to auction for members

    Hello Is it possible for members to add an auction image to their listing without using the kitchen sink.Can it be done as add custom field? It can be..

  • Justin Justin


    one quick question Where and how exactly do you modify the pricetag and “bid” buttons on the auction items?..

  • Benjamin Benjamin

    How to display a category in home page Tabs

    Hi Guys, I know there are a lot of forum posts out there in regards to displaying different things in the tabs widget on the home page. However, i hav..

  • Nathan Nathan

    Auctions not being added to selected category

    Hello, I’ve set up two new auctions at Chippy’s Auctions and both times I had to go into the admin area in order to set the category, even..

  • Raffaele Raffaele

    Auction Theme Private Auctions

    Hi There, Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way for members or subscribers to set up their own virtual mini auction within the main auction..


    Too Many Claims!

    Too Many Claims! Our system shows you have already claimed a listing before. Please contact our management team if you wish to claim any further listi..

  • Rob Rob

    Author page

    Hello. Is it possible to display the costum fields the user has filled in on the my-account page, on the author page? In the author page there is this..

  • Rod Rod

    Trying to speed up my site in Google Analytics test

    Recently I installed Google Analytics on my site and got a result of 3 areas that need improvement. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in ab..

  • Jongwook Jongwook

    How to make like this website?

    Hello guys! I have been working on building my website, but I have been facing some problems. It just looks too simple. I want to add a search bar in ..

  • Rashid Rashid

    how to disable posting of auction for logged in user

    Hi guys, Is it possible to easily disable the posting of an auction for registered user, who are logged in. Right now, by default anyone who is regist..

  • Adam Adam

    Big thanks…

    Probably not the correct area to post this, but I want to give you guys a big thanks for programming and supporting your Auction Theme. We raised $19,..

  • Ronald Ronald

    Multiples of product to sell

    One of the strategies for my website is to bring on power sellers. What if any of you are doing if a power seller has multiples of the same item and t..

  • Michael Michael

    Contnent Font size in 'pages'

    Hi.. i am sure its just a mall addon in CSS.. but i am no CSS profi.. ;(.. how can i change the size of the general content font.. when i create a new..

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    short code

    is there a shortcode for user listings...

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