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  • Tobias Rye Jensen Tobias Rye Jensen

    How to make header smaller

    Hi guys, Do you know how to remove some of the header? I want to increase it a bit and make it smaller. As shown at the attached picture. I hope you c..

  •  clare

    How does a customer view a list of the sellers items on the one page?

    Question about the auction press theme.. Is there a way a customer can search for a user (seller’s) name and just view all of the sellers items ..

  •  Curtis

    Few questions about Auction press

    – How can a novice web builder add the change country to the top of the top menu bar? Or add / change the hardcode top menu items such as accoun..

  •  Reece

    No bids, just buy now and make offer

    Hi, I’m creating a site for a client who has a number of domains for sale. I want to offer “buy it now” and “make offer”..

  • Rod Rod

    Specify image dimensions

    Hello, I’m trying to optimize my site to make it faster. One of the problems my website has is according to gtmetrix is that I need to specify i..

  • John John

    Selling Custom Fishing Lures with Auctionpress

    Check out I am using Auctionpress theme with a few customizations to the theme. Feedback would be appreciated...

  • E E

    System emails not working

    System emails are not working 1. Site emails sent by one member are not being received by the other. 2. System emails are not being received externall..

  • Merlijn Merlijn

    Custom page with homepage shortcodes

    Hi, I’ve been trying to create a custom page which lists all special kinds of listings (featured and homepage enhanced listings). But i noticed ..

  • Jean Christophe Jean Christophe

    Full image slider speed

    Hello, I’m looking for an answer, but I haven’t found it in the forum about the speed image change for the object “Full Image Slider..

  • ivan ivan

    Modificar Pegatinas

    Alguien me podría decir como se pueden modificar o personalizar las pegatinas de great value, Available soon, Ask for details, etc. ???..

  • ivan ivan


    hola, me gustaría saber como se puede aumentar la cantidad en la que incrementan las pujas dependiendo el valor del articulo, porque hay artículos d..

  • Benjamin Benjamin

    Hide author and user page

    I don’t want people to be able to see the pages for other registered users that appear at I want all bidders an..

  •  Edwin

    Reserved Price AuctionPres

    As a vendor i can put in a reserved price what i want for the selling item. But if i set a reserved price for lets say 50 and someone bids 55 he only ..

  • Sarah Sarah

    Google Maps

    The new Version of the AUction site has put Google Maps at the top of all my Category pages, how do I remove them? Thank you Sarah..

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    Categories & Icons NOT Displaying

    I am having 2 issues with how things are being displayed on the mobile front end. (tested on iPhone 5) 1.) I don’t know if it is a setting or no..

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