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  • Sean Sean

    Pagination missing on Most Recent Topics thread?

    Hi Mark, Can you kindly add pagination to the Most Recent Topics thread so we can search through more pages of the stuff that matters… just like..

  • Monique Monique

    directorypress : replace empty image site

    Hello i’m using directorypress. Is it possible to put an online image (for exemple a robothumb image) when the site’s image is empty? Than..

  • Jean-Francois Jean-Francois

    License # change ????

    Hi, Just want to know if its a bug or else ! My license number has changed ! regards,..

  • Adam Adam

    Search By City or Region

    I’m sure I have seen the solution to this on the forum but cannot find it now. I am looking at adding search by region to the top search bar Thi..

  •  Lee

    Issues with taxonomy, custom fields and tags!

    Hi, I’ve got three issues going on at the moment. 1) When I create a tag search in [general setup > search] I select ‘list box’ a..

  • Denise Denise

    Removing the map on the single post?

    Please tell me how to remove the map from the directory post page. It is not accurate and is causing some problems finding the right locations...

  • Itiel Itiel

    website listings on home page

    hi. using directorypress. i would like to know how i can limit the number of listings shown on the home page when using the website listings widget on..

  • Monique Monique

    how modifiy themes

    Hello i just try directorypress For exemple i should like to modify width of central row i’ve not succed to do that in configuration so how can ..

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