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  •  Keshav

    How to add/edit LOCAL AMENITIES

    Hello SIr How to add/updated LOCAL AMENITIES in new directorypress theme..

  • William William

    CSV Import Taxonomy details

    Is there any way to put taxonomy details into a CSV file spreadsheet for importing?? – ‘category’ is in there but I can’t find..

  • Horacio Horacio

    Anyone know how to fix the Banners on my Premium Press Site?

    Hi, I removed the leaderboard ads from my website and when I tried to upload a new one I am not able to see it I am using the following code I still d..

  • Rainer Rainer

    count listings… and display on text widget

    Hi there, I would like to publish the number of listings that are created on my website. So if some people add listings a new visitor could read that ..

  •  Carl

    PremiumPress Page Builder interferes with regular page creation and editing.

    The PremiumPress Page Builder prevents me from editing pages, adding images, etc. If I deactivate it I can create and edit pages without a problem. Ho..

  • Peter Peter

    State and city

    Hello Im setting up a new directory website and can´t get state and city to work in advanced search Also Google mab does not show/ work. I have set u..

  • Paul Paul

    Display Advanced Search Horizontally?

    I would like to have a large search area on my homepage and I put the advanced search widget on it via shortcode. However, it doesn’t look very ..

  •  Meghan

    Last Modified Date Not Appearing Correctly

    In wp-admin, our DirectoryPress posts that were modified recently still show up with an old published-on date (e.g. a date in 2014). It should show th..

  • Adrian Adrian

    Not showing in searches

    I have been monitoring stats over the past few weeks and wondering why I am not getting many referrals from search engines. I have gone to google and ..

  •  John

    Failed to load content css

    Can anyone advise how to respond to this error. It appears every time i visit any of the Edit Post Pages Failed to load content css: http://teachertou..

  • Christine Christine

    Change Email address between Contact Owner / Author

    Hi there, I want to change the contact owner message on the listing to be sent to the OWNERS EMAIL and not the AUTHOR. I load a lot of the listings my..

  •  Elizabeth

    Center and Size Logo

    I cannot for the life of my figure out how to center the logo (top) and get the width right so it aligns with the widths of the other elements. I am a..

  • kairen kairen

    Stop spam members in directory site?

    I have a site using Directorypress v7 and have so many users listed in it with no listings. Im not talking a few hundred but thousands. Looking at the..

  • Grant Grant

    How to add social media icons in listings with links

    Hi Im aware that I can create custom fields for Facebook, LinkedIn etc, but is there any way to have them display in the listings as the proper icons ..

  •  Kevin

    import cvs or excel to directory theme

    I have a list of businesses. Is there an import function in the theme? If not is there a particular recommend plugin and way to import?..

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