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  • slvester slvester

    coupon link

    hi i get problem when i press in coupon code after the page load _print.php?cid=207&frame=1 its stop and page dont load so i cant go to landpage s..

  • Jonson Jonson

    Google Map on Search/results Page

    Is it possible to have a google map displaying all the results of the performed search (like the home-page google map)?..

  • Arianna Arianna

    Removing Website Link on Coupon Code

    Hello, I’m using the latest version of CouponPress and using the “click to reveal” feature. I would like to disable the automatic we..

  • Mathieu Mathieu

    categories aren't recognized

    When i import a feed in couponpress is wont recognize some categories. Even when i dont create categories before running the import (so there are zero..

  •  Nick

    Edit widget query

    Hi guys, does anyone know where I can edit the query that is performed for each widget? I.e I need to be amend the ‘Articles’ widget. Than..

  • hai hai

    Forums change a lot

    Hello Premiumpress website and forums changed a lot since last my visit. Now I want back with Couponpress and want setup the coupon feed to automatic ..

  • Muhammad Muhammad

    How Mark Coupon as Expired

    I want to know that how manually i mark a coupon as expired...

  •  Maheswaran

    Click To Visti Website

    I am getting error when click the link it goes to broken link.. ///Click To Visit Website///..

  •  Paul

    Geocoding? Storing addresses in the database using Lat & Long

    In the older version of CouponPress, all of the addresses were geocoded to give (and store) the Long & Lat. In the database, under postmeta the sp..

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