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  •  liu

    how change " Click to Reveal "

    i want to change ” Click to Reveal ” to another text. how to do it ?..

  •  Vivek

    Any suggestions for social login plugin

    Hi, I want to integrate social login on registration and login page. Anybody has done it already here? Just wanted to know good compatible plugin with..

  •  Sourabh

    Unwanted Words in Page Title on Google Search

    I have installed responsive Couponpress theme on website When we search any related keyword on Google Search, my page titles show ..

  • Hari Hari

    Feedback Welcome

    Hi All, Here is my website. Feedback welcome… Critics more than welcome..

  •  SWATI

    Pagination in store display

    How can i achieve pagination while displaying stores? I have more than 2000 stores and dont want users to get overwhelmed...

  • srinivas srinivas

    Deeplink opening google website

    Hi all , I got a new problem .When i create a deeplink of any site and add to the coupon.When i tried to click on the link it is opening the Google we..


    After chaning my password, I am not able to use theme

    After changing my password from WordPress, I can login to the admin, but when I try to use any of the features in Coupons theme, I get Server Error 50..

  •  Francis

    How to add article below coupons … ?

    Hi there, I would like to add an article below my coupons for SEO purposes. Is this possible with the CouponPress theme? Thanks, Fran..

  • Charles W Charles W

    Listings Shortcode – Show Listings by State

    Is there an $atts I can add to the existing shortcode file to be able to list the coupons based on the state in the ‘map-state’ DB table? ..

  • Ankurpreet Ankurpreet

    How to update Affiliate Link using SQL query

    Hi All I was not working on my website for over a year due to some issues. Now when i am back, i noticed that lot of urls have become irrelevant and i..

  •  Marcus

    CSV Affilinet

    Hi I have the Couponepress there’s a CSV plugin for ? in order to read Coupons? and a German translation in admin for the coupon Pr..

  • Jörg Jörg

    How i can style the coupon end time

    Hi, is it possible to style the Date and Time in a other format by the content pages the short code [COUPON_END] ? cheers Jörg..

  • kusalava kusalava

    Hi Mark New version

    Hi Mark when was the new version of coupon theme (demo) was released officially...

  • Paul Paul

    Warning: mysql_query() expects parameter 2 to be resource, object given in

    Hi All, I have just updated word press to 4.2.4 and I am running coupon press 7.1.4, I have installed the PPT patches but i am still getting error War..

  • Giovanni Giovanni

    Mobile Display and Author Profile

    Hi, I have a problem with Mobile Display. The Home Page works correctly, but when I click on a new listing, on the bar of browser appear the url ̶..

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