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  • Lee Lee

    Help hints on packages

    I would like to add help hints (Like the ones on the standard packages) but for my own custom fields. Is this possible? Im using classified theme...

  • Andy Andy

    Classified Theme Logo

    Hi, Anyone know the maximum height of the logo area in Classified Theme?..

  • Lee Lee

    Stupid Question Time!

    I am trying to enter some code just before my <body> tag.. Where is it?? I have tried entering it into footer.php and it isnt seen by the plugin..

  •  Carlos

    Category drop down issue

    Hi On my case I will have 2 main categories: buy and sell On each one I will have 30 or 40 categories. On the submitnew deal page you can imagine it c..

  • Lee Lee

    Showing Custom Labels

    I am using the Country, City, State as a dynamic submit for car details. I need to change the labels on the submit page. I have tried doing it in the ..

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