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  •  Feona

    Remove the Blue Checkmark Image

    Question #1: How do I remove the blue checkmark that is on the images pictured below? Also remove the greyed out background? Question #2: How to I cha..

  •  Gary

    Commission Junction

    Can you please tell me where my Affiliate ID is and Tracking ID in Commission Junction, just can not find them. Gary..

  • Darnell Darnell

    Cashback Feature

    Hello, I would like to know if I can create a cashback feature on the Comparison theme somehow some way. I would like to reward people for purchasing ..

  • shaun shaun

    updating CSV file

    I have a CSV file with all my product and merchant data on it. I have been uploading it using the tools option but need to know how can I update my li..

  • Kyeho Kyeho

    HTTP 500 internal server error

    After installing ComparisonPress, I clicked Activate button, Http 500 internal server error message was displayed. I have no ideas for this error. wha..

  • shaun shaun

    Add custom field to compare prices

    I am opening a seed price comparison site and I would like to add a custom field that show how many seeds you get for the price shown. Currently under..

  • Take Take

    csv import problem

    When importing with the CSV import tool the products are not correctly imported. All the product infomation like post_author, price, etc. is after imp..

  • Inayat Inayat

    List only Price and Store link, Or multiple Price and store link .

    Hi Good day — is possible to submit only price and Store link by user instead off whole product. — Or admin can add multiple prices and mu..

  •  Miro

    Responsive Price Comparison Theme VS Version 7 ?

    Which version is better?..

  •  Anthony

    Theme Suggestion

    Hi, I would like to start off by saying that your comparison theme is very good and that the child themes that are provided are beautiful. The functio..

  • Erin Erin

    Error message when clicking on a store/featured store

    When ever I click the store name I get this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method PremiumPressTheme_Design::StoreExtras() in /home3/ncrypt/pu..

  •  Miro

    Cron setup for WPALLIMPORT doesn’t work well

    I’ve had the same issues, something about this theme and the Cron setup for WPALLIMPORT doesn’t work well. I’ve spent a lot of time with the sup..

  •  Miro

    Missing icons and categories?

    Hi, The category icons don’t appears on main home site, and sub categories don’t appears under categories? Any suggestion? I use WordPress..

  • rajesh rajesh

    How to put list of particular categories in any page or post ?

    I want put the list of particular categories in any page or post with featured thumb nails how to do it..

  • Lucy Lucy

    adding own Logo

    Where can I change the comparissonpress logo with a logo of my own? I have searche the whole admin area, but I can seem to find it....

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