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Hi Guys, The problem I have is with calculation of shipping costs. Standard rate shipping does not really have the effect I am looking for neither using to measurement way helps. With the way shipping is sold we pay a fixed minimum amount for parcels between 0 to 5 kg, and then a rate for each additional kg over that. What I am looking for is a way to add a price for shipping on each product and A second field for shipping cost if the customer wants more then 1 of the same or different item. Example: Product A - Shipping cost for 1 item 10$, shipping cost for each additional item 1$ Total shipping cost for 2 items will then be 11$ at checkout Product B - Shipping cost for 1 item 12$, shipping cost for additional item 2$ In the event the customer purchases 1 x product A and 1 x product B, the higher amount for the 1st product will always be taken first and then any other product added to the same order will be the additional item amount. Thus the total cost in this order will be 12$ + 1$ = 13$ total shipping cost for this order. This would be more fair to the customer and encourage them to purchase more products in 1 order as shipping costs would work out cheaper this way and would make shipping cost calculation at check out easier. What I would suggest is that under product manager where the option asks to "add shipping charges" just 2 options to input the rate for the first item and the rate for each additional item. So far I am loving the shop theme and not far away from getting it off the ground. looking forward to your reply. Thanks

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