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  •  Douglas

    Logo not showing in all browsers

    When viewing the website in Google chrome the logo show, but not in firefox or IE...

  •  Douglas

    Title tag

    what do I need to do to remove the page title under the logo, see attachment..

  •  Javier Antonio


    Hello again, I have installed the new version and I do not see the option to delete the basket, in the header and in the menu bar, in the shop window ..

  • Chris Chris

    User Credit

    Hi, I would like to set all my users up with some user credit – is there a way of importing that for all? Thanks -chris..

  •  Oscar

    It does not go to Amazon. You will finalize purchase

    I am using Amazon affiliate products. When I click on a product. It does not go to Amazon. You will finalize purchase. As if it were a product of its ..

  • Kashif Kashif

    Reviews isn't working or bug???

    I am currently using [CHILD] 02. shop 2 Version: 1.0, but i can not get the review tab working or is it a bug in this child theme….any help plea..

  •  Igor

    Membership in Shop Theme Folder?

    Hi, Before updating my website, I’ve download the latest version of the Shop Theme (V.9) and took a look at what files have been changed and/or ..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Catalogue Mode

    Hi Guys, I see in the new update for shop theme catalogue mode has been added, what exactly is this feature and how does it work? (I don’t have ..

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Where can the Changed Files For V9 be found at please?

    Hi, I am currently using 8.9.7 version for the shop theme. However, I needed to know if I should upgrade it the latest version, and if so where are th..

  •  Jeffrey

    Shop Theme V9.2.1 Footer Settings

    How do I customize the footer? I’m trying to make a minimal footer with my company name and copyright on the left, and minimal set of menu items..

  • Slavco Slavco

    Turn off Basket

    Hi! Can somebody tell me how can I turn it off Basket, My Account and Favorites? Regards Slavco..

  • Russ Russ

    Problem with orders

    Hi, I’m getting people placing orders and paying for items but the orders are not showing in the order manager and in the customers account dash..

  • Jeff Jeff

    Avangate Order ID:

    I want to open a support ticket but I am asked for the Avangate Order ID: What is this and where do I find it? Thanks. Jeff...

  •  Douglas

    Product page edit, remove sections of page

    Attached is a screenshot of part of the product listing page. What is seen in the image I want to remove. Remove the page title, the product image/ qt..

  • Miguel Miguel

    How can I customize blog page from SP v9?

    I’m playing around with the new theme and I’m getting frustrated trying to find everything. Can anyone help me how can I customize the blo..


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