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  • steven steven

    Errors in product page

    Getting these errors in my product pages disabled as many plugins as possible but still have the problem, any ideas? Warning: Illegal string offset &#..

  •  steven

    Duplicate Products

    Does the new shop theme deal with duplicate products? Or is it the fault of the Amazon Import plugin? My site has lots of duplicate products, when i s..

  • Salaheddine Salaheddine

    Tax and shipping setup shop theme V 9.2.7

    I can’t see how to add shipping prices or regions to a products? Tax and shipping page setup is empty !! please how can’i add shipping pri..

  •  Alunga

    change block above the filter

    Hello, I would like to change (logos and writtings) of the 4 blocks above the footer. Any ideas on how to do that?..

  •  Jeffrey

    Shop Theme V9.2.1 Footer Settings

    How do I customize the footer? I’m trying to make a minimal footer with my company name and copyright on the left, and minimal set of menu items..

  •  Akhlaq

    Custom attributes in shop theme

    The custom attributes in the shop theme only allows 4 extra options, how can this be increased? In the video tutorial “customer fields” it..

  • Ronald Ronald

    Need Help from My fellow PPers.

    I’m starting a CBD OIL company in the states and was wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable credit card merchant. IF so does PP support..

  • Adela Adela

    Shopper Press Version 8.9.7 with PHP 7 version

    Hi! Have an issue with Shopper Press Version 8.9.7. Is not working with PHP version more then 5.6 I have the same Theme o diffrent site 8.9.6 version ..

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Where can the Changed Files For V9 be found at please?

    Hi, I am currently using 8.9.7 version for the shop theme. However, I needed to know if I should upgrade it the latest version, and if so where are th..

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    For Those Without Amazon API Access Can We Still Use The Shopper Press Theme?

    Hi Everyone, I have a few new questions on our shopper press theme. For those who no longer have the AMAZON API ACCESS option, is there still a way fo..

  • Sunny Sunny

    How to sort or rearrange Categories order?

    The Shop categories seem to be listed in the order they are created, with latest being added to the bottom of the list. I created a new category Art. ..

  •  Aaron

    Disable Image Title on Hover/Mouseover

    Hi All, How would I go about disabling the image title displaying upon hovering over the image (using a mouse on desktop)? I cannot seem to disable th..

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Can We Add in Alie Express Items With this Theme?

    Hi Everyone@ I have the shopper press theme, and wanted to know if we can use this set up to promote ali-express items, like we do Amazon etc? Thanks ..

  • Becky Becky

    Is Amazon Import Plugin V9 working?

    Hi there – just installed Shop Theme Version: 9.2.3 and installed Amazon Import Tool to create an affiliate site. Completed the Amazon Settings ..

  •  Aaron

    Disable Image Zoom/Magnify

    Does anybody know how to disable the zoom/magnify image feature on single products? The user experience is greatly diminished on mobile, as the zoom/m..

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