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I'm using directory press with four submission levels - free, £3 per 90 days, £5 per 90 days and £10 per 90 days and have started taking payments for submissions this week. I've come across a big problem. I'm assuming that the order manager is all manual and there is no link to the paypal subscriptions? ie when people go and pay they still show as awaiting payment. Is it up to me to manually change each order to payment received once I've confirmed payment in paypal? This would be a pain although if I have to do it I guess I can. However if this is completely manual and there is no link to payment then how does the listing expiry work? is there no link between payment and the expiry of the listing? Am I supposed to check in paypal once the monthly subscription payment has been received and renew the listing so it doesn't expire? This moves onto the bigger problem. It seems every time a customer edits their listing a new order is created in the order manager which shows as awaiting payment - this then shows as an invoice in the customers my account section which is awaiting payment complete with a pay now button - this is causing some confusion both to my customer and me! And finally this one is really confusing me. I have a couple of listings where in the revision history its showing other user names as making amendments to the listing yet there doesn't seem to actually be an amendment. Could do with some help on this pretty quickly please.

Created: July 3, 2013 at 6:36 pm
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  • Mark Fail
    Mark Fail
    July 6, 2013 at 12:45 am

    Hi Katie

    1. Paypal subscriptions are done when the user makes the first payment via PayPal, once they make the subscription it will continue to charge them until the user cancels it via their PayPal account. There is no manual work here for the admin.

    The callback page will set the payment is paid, if the user returns to your website after payment. This will auto act as an auto update tool to ensure the listing doesnt expire so ensure your callback page is setup and working.

    2. Awaiting paments, it shouldnt create a new entry each time they edit until payment is due (maybe they have chosen to upgrade etc) if it doesnt send in a ticket and ill check for you.

    3. Revision history is part of WP, this shouldn’t display on the front end and can be ignored in the admin.

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