Membership & Listing Packages Limitations

  • Steven
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    September 8, 2016 at 4:24 am

    I am setting up a directory theme. I use State/County/Neighborhood for categories. I will have the following listings: business listings, coupon listings(basic simple coupon code) and equipment for sale listings. In order to achieve this:

    1. I will use custom fields which will allow me to use appropriate fields for each listing type.
    2. Which automatically force me to use listing packages for each listing type.
    3. Which allows me to use only one package per membership.
    4. Then, users can be assigned only to one membership
    5. Now if a business wants to post all three types of listings will need to create three different users in order to assign for appropriate membership.

    Now if I reverse the process and start from the beginning, what I intend to do is:

    6. Remove all memberships and work with listing packages only.
    7. My first limitation is in “Listing Setup>Listing Setup Options>One Listing Only> set to “OFF”
    I am importing initially all businesses in county level category. Since I don’t know Neighborhood for each business, my intention is the business to assign appropriate neighborhood. So I really would like at one point businesses to move their listings from county category to neighborhood category. To have better accuracy and not letting business to choose many neighborhoods, I will need to set a limit to one listing only.
    8. When it comes to coupon listings and equipment for sale listings it will be a problem if “One Listing Only”> set to “OFF” since I would like customers to post multiple coupons and equipment for sale listings.

    9. If point 8 above get resolved based on listing packages setup, my other dilemma is regarding assigning categories for business listings. I explained above my category structure based on State/County/Neighborhood. I would like also in County level categories besides neighborhood sub-categories to include “By Business Type” category which will list all business from the neighborhoods but by Business type. e.g. Electrical Repairs, HVAC Repairs, Furnace Repairs. So many of the businesses will need to assign to more than one category based on the business type. So if I allow this listing package to more than one category, it will mess the setup in point 7.
    10. If I create another Listing Package to accommodate both point9 and allow multiple categories, I will force businesses to add a second listing for the same company.
    11. Another way to handle this is by changing “One Listing Only”> set to “OFF”, but that will messup the goal in point7.
    12. I know I can use taxonomy and filters to handle category “By Business Type”, but one of the reason I prefer to have a such category in each county, is because will increase the advertising space(in my case, most postings will be free), where businesses really can compete based on the area they are in.
    13. Is it possible to create a new page “By Business Type” and link to it from each county category only (not state level), so I can substitute regular “By Business Type” categories and on that page to have advanced search code that show business based on predefined search settings?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Josh
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    September 8, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    Hello Steven,
    Unfortunately what you want will require customization.
    First you must have atleast one Membership Package for the theme to function correctly.
    There is no option to prevent users from selecting a category.You can only set a max number of category they can select.
    Turning ON the option “One Listing Only” prevents users from uploading more than one listing regardless of the max number set in the Membership Packages.
    Please post here >>

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  • Steven
    Newbie 10 points
    September 17, 2016 at 6:15 am

    Hi Josh, can I ask you to look at this please

    Custom Taxonomies with multi select check boxes on front end

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