Directory Theme

  • Joanna Joanna

    Maps with all listings showing. V9

    In V8 I had a map that showed locations of all the listings, and my users could click on the map to see the listings nearby. How do I get that in V9?..

  • Joanna Joanna

    How are people using tags in V9

    In V8, I used tags to group listing by county. With a better local search in V9 I might not use tags for counties and would love to hear how others ar..

  • Joanna Joanna

    Moving Listing from 8.9.3 to 9.2.7 – Best Options

    I have cut and pasted pages, blog posts but what would be the best way to move over all the listing from 8.9.3 to 9.2.7? Would it still be cutting and..

  •  John

    Add Listing (layout Issues)

    I am using the latest version of the premium-press directory. I have added a variety of custom fields using checkbox. These are displayed on the ̶..

  • Charlotte Charlotte

    Update from old version

    Hello, I am refreshing an old website still with DT version 6.6.1 I would like to update this version. Can I update directly to V9 or should I update ..

  • Joanna Joanna

    Simple edits where are they? V9

    So in templates, you have wording, such as the “About Us” page says OUR COMPANY BACKGROUND Let’s grow together! Learn more about us ..

  • Mick Mick

    bbpress side bar missing and elementor not working with bbpress page

    Is anyone using bbpress with the current version of themes? After years of using bbpress successfully with Premiumpress themes, it now seems that some..

  • Rene Rene

    Print all listings

    How can I print all listings? I need to make a ‘downloadable’ directory for users that don’t have access to computers. Current print..

  • Piotr Piotr

    WP Admin login issue

    Hi everyone, I am working with Directory Theme on one of mine demo websites “” and all works great but when you go to https://ebookpro...

  • Vivian Vivian

    CSS issue please help it's rather urgent

    I have created a support ticket but still waiting for a response. I’m using Directory v9 and child theme but strange thing is it seems the CSS i..

  •  Amit

    Features missing on mobile version

    The following features are missing on mobile version of Directory theme used on my site: : 1. No listing images 2. ..

  • Mick Mick

    Submission SetUp Featured Listing items missing

    Version 9.2.7 Directory Press In the submission setup, I cannot see the blocks for days, uploads and categories. see screen shot...

  •  Naveed

    AMP Directory Theme

    Is it possible? It’s the future of mobile searches. So better to get into it well in time...

  • Vivian Vivian

    Elementor widget – Category Block on home page not responsive

    Using Category Block 1 Layout Style on V9 with child theme 13 – the layout is great for desktop but doesn’t resize for viewing on mobile. ..

  •  Mitchell

    Create a Child Theme v9

    I want to use the default theme settings of Directory but with a child theme. I tried with a plugin that created the style.css file and funtions.php f..


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