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  • Michel Michel

    Google Maps doesn't work on search results pages

    I updated DT to 8.9.7 and Google Maps is OK on listing pages but: 1: Google Maps doesn’t work on search results pages . Settings are the same an..

  • Mark Fail Mark Fail

    Blank Contact Listing Email

    If you experience issues with a blank email being sent to users, make sure you set and save the email settings under the email tab in your admin...

  • Silvano Agostino Silvano Agostino

    Menu Bug

    Hi, in the search bar the categories menu collapse in the categories list. Solutions?..

  • Gary Gary

    Premium Press Page Builder Addon

    Downloading installation package from… Unpacking the package..

  • Mario Mario

    Migration issues 8.9.6 to 9.1.5

    I have made an exact duplicate of my website and downloaded and installed locally. LAtest WordPress and latest PHP. I used the following article to in..

  • Jackie Jackie

    Question about exporting?

    Can anyone advise me how to export registered user details into excel or csv file? Hope you can help… Jackie..

  • Kiran Kiran

    Responsive Business Directory Theme

    Hi Mark, What about the Responsive Business Directory Theme ? will it be updated to version 9 or we should migrate existing version8 theme of Responsi..

  •  Gordon

    Showing multiple categories on Listing Page

    On my DT site, listings can be in multiple categories. I would like my listing pages to show all of the categories assigned to that listing. The only ..

  • Trina B Trina B

    Fontawesome icon for [BTN key="url" text=""]

    Hi, someone knows how I can add an fontawesome icon to a shortcode button: [BTN key=”url” text=””] I want to add the icon fa-p..

  • Trina B Trina B

    Youtube video links

    Hi, I’m using Directory Theme 8.9.7 and want to know how I can embed several youtube links as it only supports one youtube database key. I have ..

  •  Hando

    Email Confirmation Message – How To Set Up?

    Currently, when the new users sign up they receive an email that says: Welcome to our site and here is your login details, email and password. However..

  • D D

    Upgrading to ssl

    Hi, My hosting recently added free ssl to all accounts and the only tricky bit I found with using with this theme (I’m using 8.9.6) was if a use..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Search Bar in Directory Theme V9

    is there a way to disable the column for “at – any location” from the search bar as it only ever seems to show united kingdom, as al..

  •  Melvin

    Design Area

    There in no design area in Directory theme. Plug ins are installed...

  • Manny Manny

    Last version 8 of the Directory theme

    I am looking for the last version 8 of the Directory theme. I am presently running version 8.9.7 and I am not ready to completely update my site with ..

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