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  •  Ole

    Reset Directory Theme

    Hi, perhaps a little stupi question. How can I reset the theme (mainly design and customizing) without loosing listings? Best regards, Ole..

  •  Scott A.

    Upgrade Instructions from V8 to newer

    I am only part geek, and I have several directory sites. I know I am to the point I have to upgrade because of Google Map API. I like the layout I hav..

  •  gustavo


    HI!! I have tried many plugins to get the best view in mobile version, but i can´t get the best one, all that i test fall at something… Based i..

  • Raffaele Raffaele

    Where to change round button colour

    Good Morning All, just wondering if anyone might know where you can change the colour of the round green progress button as shown in the attached imag..

  • patrik patrik

    Directory press map location via registration doent work

    Directory press map location in registration form doent work. I tried on VPS, MariaDB, NGinx, also on genereric apache, cpanel MYSQL hosting. It is as..

  •  Ozan

    Need a better captcha urgently

    Hi, I am getting tremendous amounts of spam vie contact author form. The current captcha is useless. has anyone a solution to this?..

  •  Jeffrey

    Loco Translate – Directory Theme Bundle Not Compatible

    I used Loco Translate (V2.2.0) a week ago and was successful in changing text. Am trying to use it again to fix a typo in the Directory Theme SORT BY ..

  •  Naveed

    Social Media Icons Custom Fields

    Hi, I want to display Custom Fields for Social Media profiles for listings which will have URL for social media profile links such as Facebook, Twitte..

  • Mario Mario

    Migration issues 8.9.6 to 9.1.5

    I have made an exact duplicate of my website and downloaded and installed locally. LAtest WordPress and latest PHP. I used the following article to in..

  • Paul Paul

    HTML Listing Enhancement not showing HTML editor

    Hi, my clients are unable to add HTML code to their listings (with the HTML Listing Enhancement checked for their listing). No HTML tool shows in the ..

  • yogev yogev

    Location with gps?

    I want that field in the “Location Map” (Google) Be possible to identify a location with gps (for smartphones, Mobile) Possible?..

  •  Ole

    The Search is finding only Listings, no blog post or pages

    Hi, the search ist only finding listings. Does anybody know what is to do for a whole site search? Best regards, ole..

  • Adnan Adnan

    Any issues with WordPress v5?

    I would like to update to WordPress v5? Anyone had issues with the DT v8 theme?..

  • Chamunorwa Chamunorwa

    elementor is stopping the back end of my site from working

    Soon after installing elementor, I will not be able to edit anything, the dashboard will not open, but front end will be working, please advise...

  • javier javier

    allow 1 single registration (add listing) per user

    allow 1 single registration per user Hello dear friends, I have a big doubt, How can I do to allow only 1 registration per user? The issue is that I o..


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