Directory Theme

  • Anthony Anthony

    Addition of Login Header Message Area

    Can anyone help us figure out how to add this message to the top of our wp-login.php page? Currently when a visitor clicks on the purchase of a member..

  • Ramon Ramon

    Looking Good – With One Glaring Omission?

    Just popped back in to the Premiumpress forums to see how things are going, and I must say that the new Directory Theme looks really good – migh..

  •  Morten

    Submission + Design Questions

    Hey A couple of questions to the submission of items: 1. How do I allow free/non-membership submission for visitors not logged in, simply present the ..

  • Anthony Anthony

    DT and MJ Membership Renewal Process

    Can someone explain once and for all the renewal process for memberships in the MJ and Directory Themes once their yearly PAID membership expires? E.g..

  • nadia nadia

    home page asks me to activate the premium press theme

    Attempting to install version 9 . The home page asks me to activate the premium press theme, I have already activated the child’s theme. I have ..

  • Mario Mario

    Migration issues 8.9.6 to 9.1.5

    I have made an exact duplicate of my website and downloaded and installed locally. LAtest WordPress and latest PHP. I used the following article to in..

  • Jason Jason

    Updating from v8 to v9 was a mess with these instructions

    Hi, I listened and believed what was written here on this page where it says just install new copy and well, what a mess this is.:

  • nadia nadia

    Error Message

    HI I am trying to install Version 9.0. I am receiving this error message. /home/content/23/9993623/html/test/wp-content/themes/DT9/framework/new_class..

  •  Finn

    Blog Post Acces

    Hello community, My blog posts on https://find supervisor are only readable if you are logged in. Page access on all blog posts are set to public and ..

  •  George

    Styling featured listings

    Hello, Is there a css selector that I can use to style featured listing to stand out from the crowd a bit more (in addition to the ribbon) For example..

  •  George

    Directory Theme V9 Change Featured Listing ribbon text

    I cannot find anywhere in the code where I can change the text “Featured” on the ribbon. Can someone point me to the right file? https://p..

  • Silvano Agostino Silvano Agostino

    Update issues

    in /public_html/wp-content/themes/DT9/_directory/widgets/widget-infobar.php Notice: Undefined index: days in /home/agriflora/public_html/wp-content/th..

  • Jason Jason

    Control of Cutom Page Display and Search Page?

    As of v8 to v9, Mark once said to me we will soon be able to control how the output of the page display How is that working now? I havent used v9 for ..

  • Kiran Kiran

    When will the tool to update from version 8 to version 9 will be released?

    Hi Mark, We are waiting for a long time to update our sites to version 9 with the auto tool (plugin) which you have said that will be released. Is the..

  •  Naveed

    Editing Themes with Oxygen Instead of Elementor

    I was wondering if we can edit Directory themes with Oxygen Builder instead of Elementor. Reason for asking is Elementor load time is very high. With ..


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