Issues with listing after coupon code applied

I'm using the Responsive Classified theme version 5.7 on WP 3.9.1. First of all, I wanted to let you know that we think this is a great theme, has a lot of great features and has been really easy to set up and use. We are also using the Directory Theme. We have a 30 Day Listing package set up for $10 with extra charges for some enhancements. We are currently offering a Coupon Code for $10, which will give them a free listing, unless they choose the extra enhancements. We chose to do this this way, so that if they want to renew their listing, they will have to pay the $10. These are not free listings, we are just having a promotional period right now. We are running into some issues, and while it seems that this is probably the way you intend for the theme to work, it does create some problems: The first problem is that if they do not purchase enhancements, after they apply the code, their site does not go live. I already have New Listing Status set to Active (Live) in Theme Options >> General Setup >> Submission Settings , but am receiving emails that the listings are pending and need to be approved. How do I fix this? The second problem is that if they DO purchase enhancements, after they apply the Coupon Code the modal window closes and they are not taken to Paypal. It is not readily evident that they need to click on Make a Payment again and people are not understanding what to do, so we are getting emails that say they can't apply the coupon, because if they do, it kicks them out and they can't pay. I understand how it works, but the average customer is not "getting" it as other sites do not exit the shopping cart after applying a coupon. Is there anything we can do about this other than adding some explanatory text some where? The last issue is that users that purchase a $10 listing and apply the $10 off code, do not show up on the Order Table. We are just starting out, so haven't had a problem with the way this works yet, but if a customer has a question and we look up their order, it won't be here if they have used the promo coupon. Why are "free" listings excluded here? Thank You!

Created: June 13, 2014 at 11:57 pm
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  • Kathleen
    July 11, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    First problem was solved with an upgrade.
    Second problem still exists, but we added explanatory text.
    Last issue still exists, but I suppose it is just my preference that we would be able to see all orders in the Order Manager, including those that were “Free” due to a coupon being applied.

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