Issues with 9.2.1 coupon theme

Hi Mark, On numerous occasions have I addressed issues with the new V9 CP theme. The issues have still not been resolved in the new release 9.2.1. I would like to know when these issues will be fixed.For me it is urgent. I will once again tell you all the issues I have. 1). Issue with taxonomy order. I set the taxanomy order for stores to ORDER BY -> Default ORDER -> Descending When I then look at the page [coupon – store list] it is blank. No stores are shown. When I chose any other order by than Deafult, it works. Furthermore, an issue with the last version was that the store carousel does not follow the store taxanomy order that I have chosen. You cannot change the order in which the stores appear in the store carousel on the home page. 2). Not all translations are available in loco translate. This issue was said to be solved in 9.2.0, but still I am missing translations. Now my site is half english and half dutch. Terrible!!!! 3). In previous versions it has been posted that there is an issue with expired and not-expired number of coupons shown on the site. For example I have a store that has 23 coupons in total, but only 8 of them are not expired. Yet on the website you see a count of 23 coupons for this store. 4). Automated tekst is wrong. The title of the coupon is Gratis verzending vanaf €20,- (which means: free delivery from €20,-) In the side box there is an automated tekst which now says €20 off. 1. this is in english and not dutch Is not ok 2. it should not say €20 off, but gratis verzending (free delivery) Is there a way to manually alter this field? 5). When a deal has expired it stays visible on the website. These deals do not need to be visible anymore. Can you please tell me when these issues will be adressed?

Created: September 24, 2018 at 8:42 am
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