DT v9 missing features and adding extra features

Hi Mark, First of all the new v9 it amazing , great work. And as always a But is coming... I have played with the new theme and some of the features are missing with was pretty handy, I am talking about the email sent to the user when the listing is expiring. This features is missing right now. Also the packages fort listing I could`t find them anywhere, just a single set up for them, the old one was pretty nice. Now the missing features, witch I saw also in the suggestion list , is the renewal link of the expired listing. This will be a great feature as it will reduce a lot of steps for the end user to. We all want traffic to our sites , but if we make it so hard to do simple things we will lose our visitors. Do you have in plan of adding those missing features ( or there is an alternative witch I haven`t seen) and add the new extra features soon? Thanks, Adrian

Created: July 29, 2018 at 9:40 am
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