( Custom CSS ) questions after update to Coupon Theme v 8.9.4 ans WP 4.6

  • S.
    Newbie 3 points
    August 22, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Hi, can someone please advise this CSS-dummy to adapt the Custom CSS?
    After updating from coupon theme 6.x I have to deal with some layout issues:
    Question 1: Mobile display of a website coupon (post). I like to change the size of the font and the number of rows. Is that possible with custom CSS?
    Question 2: Mobline display of a website coupon (post). Is it possoble to replace the button (as it is reduced now). Option is on top or below the Coupon title.
    Question 3: Same as Q1: Can I change the number of rows (and font size) on the PC-displayed coupons? The use of html <small> does not work on the Coupons.
    Question 4: An added banner, affiliate link (460×60 pixels) was in the 6.x version reduced to fit in the Coupon. Now it is goining out of the frame. Can you advice me to adapt it without changing the banners (as they are good on the pc-version)
    Question 5: The button “do not show expired coupons”is disappeared. Ir there some way to fix that?
    Question 6: Last but not least: after the new update the coupons are displayed in order of time added. So last added coupons first. In “Website display” I like to have the order: expired – no end date – actual coupons. So expired orders last.

    Thanks in advance, Sander.

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  • Josh
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    August 23, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Hello S,
    Q1.Edit the file Appearance >Editor >content-listing-coupon.php to change listing/coupon display
    Q2.Edit the file Appearance >Editor >content-listing-coupon.php to move button position.The button shortcode is [CBUTTON] Move the shortcode where you want the button to appear.Also Have a look at this topic >>www.premiumpress.com/forums/topic/click-to-reveal-being-too-responsive-and-disappearing-css-help-needed/
    Q3.Try the below code under Theme Setup >General Setup >Custom css

    .wlt_search_results.list_style .wlt_shortcode_excerpt {
    width: 300px;
    font-size: 10px;

    Q4.Since you are adding the image directly to the description (ie using html) add the bootstrap responsive class to your image code to make it responsive.Eg <img src="#" class="img-responsive" />
    Q5.The Button is now Theme Setup >Listing Setup >Settings >Listing Expiry Options >Hide Expired Listings
    Q6.Go to Appearance >Editor >home-layout-coupon1.php locate the shortcode [LISTINGS show=10 ] replace it with a [LISTINGS] shortcode you want to use.Here are examples of shortcodes you can use >>https://www.premiumpress.com/forums/search/?bbp_search=%5BLISTINGS

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