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  • g
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    November 16, 2018 at 11:02 am

    We want to use various themes (Directory, Classifieds, Shop) on one website. It would be ideal if people would have to register only once to make use of the 3 different scripts. Is this possible or could it be made possible? Commercially this feature would also be great for Premiumpress when they could sell 3 or more scripts in one order that could be used combined.
    We are also looking for a (lead) system where visitors could make a search and could place an inquiry in one go with the found companies. Ideally, these inquiries should be captured in a CRM that could be used to follow up by both admin and the member, so the member would have a true benefit of the lead. Is this possible or could anyone recommend a system that could be plugged in?

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee
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    November 20, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    Hi Gerard,

    As far as I can remember, when you ‘sign up/register’ in one site, WP Multi registers the user across all multi-sites, but because each site has its own theme, there will be separate admin panels per site (Shop, directory etc), so not a centralized admin panel that collates all themes under one – that would be awesome though.

    With that said, as a work around, you could customize each theme admin file to include respective links to each specific area e.g. if you have logged into the shop, go to shop admin, you can see directory panel link, classifieds panel link etc…

    Likewise, if you log into the Directory admin, you’ll see shop panel link, classifieds panel link etc

    Does that make sense? Sorry haven’t had coffee today 🙁

  • g
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    November 30, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Hello Christopher,
    I apologize for only responding to your recommendations just now. I noticed by accident your response browsing the forum again in frustration on a number of issues that I have with the Directory, Classifieds and Shop Theme on which I had placed support questions but do not get a response to. In the end, lacking any response from PP, I asked PP if they were still serious about their business and must have totally pissed them off because I hear nothing at all anymore. People are very fragile, sensitive and easily insulted these days. I have put weeks of work in my website and may have to destroy it now because I cannot continue without correcting the various issues that I have with the themes. As it stands now with my site the user has to register for each theme on an individual basis (Directory, Classifieds and Shop). I created links in the top and footer menu’s to each of the themes where people then can register/login individually. This is not ideal and a lot of people will not do that and probably leave. But I do not know how to resolve this differently now or of other scripts, since it seems that PP prefers me to leave anyway, that perhaps have that capability. You say in your kind response: “you have logged into the shop, go to shop admin, you can see directory panel link, classifieds panel link etc… ” I do not see that link and would not know how/where to create a link there. One question I asked support where/how to change or add to the top-top menu (the little menu above the header menu, see pic) which was very easy to find in earlier version, but I cannot find the editor on this in the present versions. Having to change the entire website perhaps anyway is also caused by a mistake I made in assuming that the shop script does allow multi-vendor registration as for instance the classifieds theme does. My client wants to allow visitors to create an account in the shop and sell items. The site is a substantial EU site and restarting over again would be a disaster for me and the client. When I placed my question in the forum I checked “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” but did not see your response. I will check why this happened. Again, thank you for your response above.
    Kind regards,

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