Best Directory Child Theme for an Association

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    Hi all, I am l;ooking to create a directory for a small association of one type of professionals for a single country.

    Ideally the professional directory with the members able to be listed, and searched by suburb/town/postal code and specialty or interest withing that profession.

    Their profile would list interests or specialties & include links to their website some of their other listings eg Linkedin, Facebook, twitter etc. It would list their contact details, and work address(es) . I assume 2 listings for two addresses?.

    The ability to create and take automatic subscription payments for monthly or annual memberships would be a blessing to the treasurer and the association ! How are receipts handles in this case? By paypal or stripe?

    (& The ability to upload a CSV of the members would also be a time saver for me, as members are notorious for being “slow” to do this sort of thing.)

    I intend to use the Directory Theme, and would ask forum members for recommendations for a child theme. Is there and “Association” or “Professional” child theme?

    (On the other hand, there is probably a great opportunity for PremiumPress to create an “Association” child them that’s ready to go for Associations.)

    As far as I can make out, Barbershop is looking the closest to a single profession , but I would love to hear any thoughts on the matter.


    November 12, 2019 at 10:45 am