Advertising Issue – Cannot Delete Google Adwords Banner Profiles..?

Hello Premium People. Can some clever person please help me..? Setup my website and now in the slow process of adding content / improving the sites look, whilst slowly waiting / hoping to climb out the search engine "Sandbox". Then I noticed this problem and can't work out how to fix it.. :( Added Google Adsense banners to the websites header / middle column / footer areas. Everything seemed OK and kept working on the sites content. Then one of the banners (think it might be the 600px horizontal middle column) started appearing as a large vertical banner, next to the websites logo / between the top and main menu. Obviously a 790x90px vertical board in the logo / menu area forces everything else downwards, takes up a majority of the initial browser screen and looks pretty stupid. Whilst testing and trying to establish the issue, I've deactivated all the plugins and got no further. So decided I would just delete all Adsense adverts, but then found the profiles won't delete?! Normal affiliate links deleted and disappeared OK, but think the Google scripts stayed? Within PremiumPress, the original saved advert "profiles" have gone (think I saved / named them "Google Adsense 001 / 2 / 3" etc) and view counters have reset. Also, when I try to view / edit the advert profiles script, nothing appears. The edit box is empty? Now the Premiumpress back-end advert page just displays "Category's : All" and Page Views xyz.

    There are no adverts assigned active. But they still appear on the website?
The misplaced Adsense leaderboard issue is intermittent - sometimes it takes viewing a few pages to occur. Have tested with Chrome / Firefox / Edge and seems to occur on all browsers. After deleting them, thought it might be an issue with my browser cache, so have reset them all / done a full CCleaner system deep clean. Didn't fix it / keeps re-occurring. One thing I have noticed / think might be associated, when I installed Page Builder and other PremiumPress plugins (Slider etc), the automatic installer URL redirected to the wrong place. Slightly annoying, but my web-host doesn't allow automatic WordPress installs into the root folder (and I'm too lazy to manual install), therefore WordPress is installed in "(domain) /wordpress". So when I installed the Page Builder / Slider plugin, it directed to (this is an example url) (domain) / pagebuilderinstall.php and received a 404 page does not exist. I noticed the URL wasn't directing into the /wordpress/ install folder, so manually added it - forming "(domain)/wordpress/pagebuilderinstall.php" and then it worked fine. Noticed this error in a couple of areas. I'm wondering if these Advert Profile Scripts might have been moved into / or data is being requested from the wrong folder. The website can be located here If anyone could advise, I would be eternally grateful. Many Thanks

Created: April 9, 2017 at 3:22 pm
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  • Marie
    April 20, 2017 at 2:31 am

    HI Chris,

    can you share your website url please?


  • Christopher
    April 20, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Sorry Marie, I tried to add a HMTL link at the bottom of my post (labeled “here”), but it didn’t 🙁

    The issue is intermittent, sometimes you need to view a few pages. Think misplaced banner error starts when an image is covering where the central column advert would go.

    Tried it on a friends fresh laptop last night and error still occurred.

    Site url is

    Still can’t delete the adverts, as mentioned above. Have tried adding code to the empty edit box (when opened). If I add extra code – 2 adverts appear, so the original Adsense code has been “absorbed” into my site somewhere?

    Also have tried assigning the adverts to categories where they’d be less issue, but that did not fix it either.

    Many thanks for your help and time 🙂

  • Josh
    April 20, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    Hello Christopher,
    Please send in a ticket >>

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