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  • Rob Rob

    Quick Coupon Code Site

    Hi Guys, Just updated from unresponsive version to the latest responsive couponpress. At the same time have updated to https: URL:

  • JamesD JamesD

    Want the WP admin "Dashboard" menu link back?

    Hello All, I’m not positive, but I think since version 8, of the PremiumPress responsive themes, the WP admin Dashboard link started being hidde..

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    My Auction site So Far

    This is my auction site and how it looks so far. All frrdback is welcome good or bad

  • Calvyn Calvyn

    Drop Your Business Card into my Electronic Fish Bowl

    I am using BT’s theme here: The niche of this directory is BUSINESS CARD’s listing; I name it as FishBowl as mo..

  •  james

    Criticize Critique & Comments Please!

    I’m a neophyte when it comes to creating a WP directory and was my first attempt. I’ve already posted this and I think I posted i..

  •  JD


    What plugin are you using for this forum?..

  • Emil Emil – looking for feedback.

    I just re-launch website using the latest version of Dating site theme. Share your feedback, and thank you...

  • steven steven

    AddThis api image issue when sharing to facebook

    Hi all, When i share a listing to facebook with the built in addthis feature. 9 times out of 10 it displays the wrong image in facebook. Any ideas? Th..

  • steven steven

    Ok guys please give honest opinions

    Almost finished the website but still have a couple of bugs that need addressing. Please give me your opinion on my website

  • Ramon Ramon

    Just Gone Live

    After much soul searching, and help from friends and mods alike, we’ve just launched to the world. Still a bit o..

  • Kashif Kashif

    constructive feedback needed

    Hi friends please check out my new website, i’d love some constructive feedback to improve user/visitor experience. Any recommendations for bett..

  • Hemanta Chakladar Hemanta Chakladar

    Feedback for first Cashback Site, based on CP

    Hi, This is a cashback site, created on CP. Cashback Today Feedbacks are most welcome...

  • Richard Richard

    Business Directory – Theme v8.3

    Here is my humble offering using : 1) WP 4.4.1 2) BT v8.3 Theme. Soon to move toward the BT (beta) v8.9 Outline : A simple, basic format, allowing sit..

  • Arkadiusz Arkadiusz – 75.000 Listings and running ;-) DT's true greatness!

    Hello my dear Premiumpress community, i’m a silent reader of the Premiumpress forum since 2012 and many of you have helped me out of trouble unc..

  • John John

    Feedback Welcome on Video Website

    Hi All, My latest site was made using the pp video theme. I have used an URL shortener for the site – The whole idea of the..

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