•  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    Favorites auction AT9

    Hello, when i clic on follow this auction I obtain this message [object Object] Somebody have an idea? thx..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    _auction folder in child theme

    Hello, I use the AT9 auction theme, I want to modify one function in function.php of _auction folder in my child theme. I add this in the function.php..

  •  said

    Download Error

    hello i have this error i have a licence key directory theme Download Error There was a problem locating this plugin file for download, please contact..

  •  Alunga

    change block above the filter

    Hello, I would like to change (logos and writtings) of the 4 blocks above the footer. Any ideas on how to do that?..

  • Nguyen Viet Nguyen Viet

    How to remove Open Graph metadata

    I see both of Coupon Theme V8.9.6 & Yoast SEO plugin support Open Graph metadata When sharing URL on Social networks it takes the Open Graph metad..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    Change format of the date in widget auction homepage

    Hi, I use the AT9 auction theme. i want to change the “d” for Days of the date by “j” (for my langage) This appear on my homep..

  •  Jeffrey

    Shop Theme V9.2.1 Footer Settings

    How do I customize the footer? I’m trying to make a minimal footer with my company name and copyright on the left, and minimal set of menu items..

  • Pierre-Gilles Pierre-Gilles


    Hello. DirectoryPress 9 uses an old version of the Awesome fonts (2017). How to replace theses default fonts with the new fonts?..

  •  ppt_benstonium14-06-19_98896525

    Login Not Working?

    I have set up the Video Theme Version 8.9.5 and I am trying to test log-in as a Subscriber here:

  •  Mitchell

    Adding a Core file that was edited into child theme directory

    I edited framework/class/class_layout.php to add a two lines of code <meta property=”fb:app_id” content=”MY APP KEY HERE” /..

  • Chris Chris

    Facebook auto post plugin

    Hi, I use Ultimate Facebook plugin from wpmudev. It works great, it auto posts listings to my Facebook page/app however, it does not list the pictures..

  • Adam Adam

    PayPal Payment Gateway Stopped Working

    When a user tries to make a payment for their listing, the “Make Payment” button takes you to Paypal and displays: “Things don’..

  • Damien Damien

    Job Search Question

    Is there a way to make the main search on the homepage perform a search of “all categories” and how can I make it search without having so..

  • ayman ayman

    i want upgrade

    @Mark Fail When Can upgrade from 8.9.6 to 9. thanks..

  •  Ben

    What are the average response times for support tickets?

    I raised two (High) tickets last weekend (Saturday). I received a response within 24 hours asking for all the login and FTP details (even though I poi..

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