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    Trent Lacey
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    Anyone get any help from Customers Service/Tickets/Support/Live Chat lately? I ordered my Theme on the second and haven’t received a solution to my problem yet.

    If you did receive help, how did they respond? By email? Ticket?

    I ordered a theme on April 2nd and have been waiting ever since for help. I already have two tickets open, don’t want to wait anymore. I have deadlines. 🙁

    My problem was I was sent the wrong theme. They quickly sent me a link to get the template downloaded, but now I’m running into this problem, which seems like the activation code was specifically for the theme that was sent incorrectly. Take a look at the picture. All the text is about the Auction theme, but the downloaded theme was dating.

    I can’t do anything, any advice?

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    April 5, 2020 at 5:54 pm





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