Suggestions for Funtionality in Latest Classified Theme

Suggestions: 1. Add a Mail icon near the social icons. Many folks may wish to email an ad to their co-wokers, friends and family for any ad they may see in Classifieds. The button could be able to be edited in configuration so that the button can link to a mail system such as MS Office or Apple's Mail system. 2. Add functionality for Admin to completely set up a new listing for a new user. Example would be a volume user who has 10 ads to publish, and each ad has several photos. If a business user, then they may require assistance form Admin on the Back end. We need to be able to access the user as a "Client" from "Manage clients" or similar, choose the package the user requests, bill the package, and after payment, move forward with creating listings for the new user. We need to upload in bulk the images or videos for the new user and once all is done, the user can login to their dashboard to view and possibly edit the display order of the media or photo files and change wording in the description. 3. We suggest adding an indexing system such as an Ad-ID for each listing so the the media files can be deleted from the server. At this time, may host provider servers maintain a directory tree with uploads in wp-content that keeps growing. By deleting a listing on the front end does not mean that the media files will be deleted with the listing off of the server. If one uses shared server space and accumilates thousands of media files, then the server must be maintained to keep the files deleted as listings expire. We have spoken with our host provider regarding this issue and being able to create a good document management system at the get-go will save a great deal of time trying to find which media files are attached to which listing so only the correct files will be deleted as listings turn over. Appologies if any of the above functionality is already present, however without up-to-date instructions, all the updates do not seem to cover these suggestions if they are available. Hopefully these suggestions will keep Theme Users from having to customize their core Themes that could be written over with future updates. Cheers Don

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  • Don
    October 18, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    Here is another screenshot related to creating an Ad-Id system for indexing a database related to all classified ads and media attached to postings.

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  • Don
    October 19, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    We see this notation in the Blog: for update to

    fixed missing homepage editing button in design setup
    fixed newsletter button issue
    MJ – fixed CSS issue with title display

    !!!added listing renewal option!!! (Can anyone tell us where the renewal option is located? How it functions? ie: does it only appear when a listing is about to expire?) We do not see it in the user Dashboard

  • Mark Fail
    Mark Fail
    October 20, 2019 at 4:16 am

    Hi Don

    Many thanks for your suggestions, can you please post them here;

    PremiumPress Ideas & Suggestion – Have your say today!

    The renewal feature is displayed on the listing when editing (front end)

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