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Hello everyone, I'm developing a website for artists who want to sell services to events organizers. I chose MicroJobs Theme and I'm satisfied but some features are hard for me to implant. Can you help me, please ? 1. I want to add the possibility to suggest a price. For example, a buyer suggest 100€ to a seller. Then, he clicks on "suggest a price" and indicates 100€. The seller receives a message and accept the price => Workflow. If the seller declines the offer, the buyer doesn't have to pay. 2. If this feature isn't possible, I want to make the possibility for a buyer to make an offer bigger than the price shown and he can't make an offer less than the price shown. For example if a seller showed 100€, the buyer buys the job for 150€ (but not less than 100€ because he can't). 3. Remove the prices showed from the listing on the home page. 4. Edit the block "Have a question?" on the job page. 5. Remove "Delivery Time" from Listing Details and this(see attachment) on the job page. 6. Have the possibility to add a youtube video and an audio track from soundcloud. I tried to add youtube videos but it doesn't work, I mean I created the field with Db key youtube, tried it, but the media isn't shown on the job page. I want to add these fields in the "Listing attachments" tab because I want to rename this tab "Listing medias". 7. In listing attachment, I want to remove "Add docs". 8. Add a background to Search Style 3 like Business Directory (see attachment). 9. I realized a purchase simulation and when I hit "realease funds", the seller gets all of the money job whereas I set the house purcentage to 10%. 10. Add 10% to the price shown from the listing. For example if the seller puts 100€ in Amount, the shown price is 110€ because 10€ is 10% from the price. 11. I didn't find how to cancel a job purchased and pay back the buyer. For example if the seller doesn't want or can't realize the job, then the buyer is paid back. 12. I want to add cancellation conditions. If the buyer cancels the job, he will have to respect the conditions fixed by the seller. For example, if the buyer wants to cancel a job, the buyer replies and check the box "cancel the job". The seller have to make the condition "if the job is canceled, the buyer is paid back for 50%". In this case, the admin check the workflow and pays back the buyer of 50%, pays the seller for 40% (because the house percentage is set to 10%). 13. I want to remove/add default profile backgrounds and add the possibility for the users to upload their own profile background (like facebook cover). 14. I made a test to renew a listing but when I do this, the listing is awaiting for an admin control. I want the job automatically reposted without the necessity to wait admin authorization. Sometimes when I want to renew, I get an error : « Sorry but there was an error during checkout. No money has been taken from your account. » Why ? 15. I want to limit the maximum number of listing to 3 for all users, without membership packages (I don't need this feature on my website). 16. I tested a child theme and since then, I can't access the profile pages, I get error 404... If you need, you can check my website : Login : Talent1 / Pass : playshow Login : Orga 1 / Pass : playshow (Coming Soon Mode Active) That's all for now. Thank you :)

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  • Liz
    June 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Hi Christian, I think you need to post your requests for all of that above here at this link

    And somebody there can do all of that for you 🙂 Just copy and paste your text in your above post over to there so it can be understood what you need.

    Hope this helps


  • Christian
    June 22, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    Thanks Liz, it’s a great idea! However I’m afraid of the cost, I’m still a student and my start-up isn’t launched yet, I don’t have enough money to hire a freelancer. 🙁
    But you’re right, I will use it for the tasks 1, 2, 10 and 12. I think for the others tasks somebody can help me here. 🙂

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