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Re. Membership & Listings

I'm using the coupon theme & have memberships & listings setup at the moment while trying to understand how it works -- even though I've watched the videos. -I have 4 membership levels & 4 listing levels that match, free, silver, gold & platinum. -I have assigned each listing level to the matching membership level. (Although I still have an issue about only 2 relevant levels displaying from the 3 item dropdown - the 3rd which isn't enabled and 2 other levels aren't even displaying in the dropdown list!) -I've added the same price for each matching level. When I go to the membership pages on the front end it seems to only charge for the membership and not the listing. Is that how it's supposed to work or should it charge for both? I really only want to charge one price for each membership level so should I make the listing prices zero? (I know this should be straightforward and I'm probably overthinking this!) Thanks for clarifying!

Created: May 20, 2020 at 12:48 am

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