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Random Homepage Banner

Hi , for no reason, my home page has had inserted a banner area at the top of the page above the carousel and it is inserting featured offers into it, which just don't meet the size and it looks messy. Does anyone know why this happened and how I get rid of it? I would actually like a banner area here but I thought the only way would be to create a 'home page text box' within display settings . home page?

Created: July 28, 2013 at 4:26 pm

  • Claudia
    August 2, 2013 at 5:26 am

    Hi Justin,

    Well your Home Page elements are all controlled at >Display Settings >Home Page tab at the top, then on the right is the elements you have selected to be active.

    If in that area you have the carousel at the top of the list under ‘Active Home Page Objects’, then possibly the banner rotation in place on your home page is there from either a widget you installed or could be somehow added to the carousel code.

    When I right click on the banner rotation to view the current image, then view the image info, it claims all the images are hosted on your site:

    The question now is, are the ads in the banner rotation, pulled from your content/listings on your site. Or are they completely random and have no relation to you or your memberships’ listings?

    When I right click on the rotation and select ‘Inspect Element’ I get the following code which looks like you have a Featured Item rotation somehow put there:

    <div class=”middle2cols left”><div id=”featured-item”><ul id=”featured-itemContent”><li class=”featured-itemImage” style=”display: none;”>5% Off London Pass</img>

    Not sure where that option is in the scripts yet because I am pretty new to all this, but I do see that there is no Featured Item specifically in the Home Page Elements options.

    Maybe you can recall where you set a Featured Items option. Maybe it is part of your Carousel’s options?



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