Looks OK, but Astoundingly Awful So Far

Started going through the videos today, but then I thought 'why not set up my member profile?'. With support never answering, and always asking to try again in 25 minutes, there is no option but to come into the forum - which is how it SHOULD be actually. Anyway, on this 'member profile' section - how on earth do you get a profile picture into your profile? As you can see from the attachments, I've clicked on a photo, uploaded it, set it as my profile photo, and then it always disappears. There is NO WAY I can run a directory website without this basic commodity? Also, how do you change the layout of the website from boxed to full width? The possibilities are indeed there, but as it stands, this is a waste of time.

Created: April 4, 2020 at 7:19 pm
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