License Key Error Keeps showing Up On 3-4 Themes

  • bossblack
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    March 24, 2020 at 2:40 am

    License Key Error
    The license key you entered during installation was either invalid or has expired. Please re-enter your license key below.

    This is the same error message that keeps re-appearing in my back office on my websites I am trying to upload.

    I have successfully done about 10 in the V.I.P. Club Package but from what I was told in the chat room about two weeks ago is that the software versions of the specific software programs are outdated that are displayed in my back office or members area.

    I have tried calling the number trying to submit a trouble ticket but can’t ever login, and so here I am now trying to get help with this problem that I have had since 02/01/2020 when I first made my initial V.I.P. Plan purchase, so what can I do next to get this resolved?

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