How Do I edit typos in membership page for dating theme

  • dwhitman
    Newbie 0 points
    April 14, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    I’m trying to edit out some grammatical errors on the membership page for the dating theme site and I keep getting the, “sorry the content area was not found on your page” You must call the_content function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page error. How can I fix this?

  • barrettmediallc
    Newbie 24 points
    April 15, 2020 at 12:18 am

    I cant answer your question directly but I have fixed issues like this by using Loco Translate plugin and just changing the words that way

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan
    Super Guru 1,146 points
    April 15, 2020 at 1:48 am


    for changing words/phrases, you can use the Loco Translate for it

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