Coupon Theme V10.8.6 – There is no place to Add Code + Coupon Popup problems

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  • Version 9
    Jay Kay
    20 points

    I just bought the coupon theme version v10.8.6 because the title that premiumpress put is “you want to own a theme like Retailmenot..”. But when I tried to install all the demo design versions for the website, I couldn’t find where to add the Code – it was all ViewOff (with the code No need code). This is really annoying, although the theme has a lot of advanced functions, the basic functionality is terrible.
    Second, when on the demo all the coupon popups are “View & Copy” it is quite ok for users because now people use mobile a lot. But when installed, all coupons up are Visit Website function and the loading speed and appearance of the popup is really long. This sucks. Anyone who is having this problem and has a workaround please help.

    July 26, 2022 at 4:19 pm