17th November 2019 • Business Tips & Tricks • 11,527 readers

Building Your Brand – Are you ready to go live?

So, you have a concept for your brand. However, you have yet to know the basics of building your brand and launching your brand. There are a few things you need to accomplish be...

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15th November 2019 • Plugins • 15,505 readers

WordPress YouTube Plugin Update

If you are still using an old YouTube plugin for WordPress now is the time to upgrade. YouTube have finally stopped supporting the version 2 API and therefore new video imports using old WordPress plugins will shortly stop working. This blog post shows you how to setup a new YouTube API key for version 3.0 using the free PremiumPress YouTube Plugin.

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6th November 2019 • Framework Updates • 12,793 readers

Version 9.3.9 Released

Hi Guys The latest release is now available for download, version 9.3.9 is ready via the members area and automated updater tool. What's changed? added quick link for...

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19th October 2019 • Framework Updates • 14,768 readers

PremiumPress 9.3.8

Hi Guys The homepage editor for older child themes was missing in version 9.3.7, this update adds back this functionality. What's changed? fixed missing homepage e...

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16th October 2019 • Framework Updates • 14,162 readers

PremiumPress 9.3.7

Hi Guys We've spotted a small bug in Version 9.3.6 that's preventing some of the WP customizer changes from displaying. While it's only a small issue it could affect a lot of...

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10th October 2019 • Framework Updates • 13,966 readers

PremiumPress 9.3.5

Today we are releasing a major framework update - version 9.3.5. What's changed? Moving forward we are working hard to develop new and exciting child theme designs to hel...

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17th September 2019 • Framework Updates • 15,894 readers

Version 9.3.1 Released

Hi All Today we are releasing a framework update - version 9.3.1 to allow for new Elementor template functionality. Which themes have been updated? This release is current...

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26th August 2019 • Framework Updates • 16,925 readers

New Update – Version 9.3.1

The latest round of software updates has now been released and Version 9.3.1 brings with it a lot of new and exciting enhancements. One thing you'll notice about the new version...

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19th July 2019 • Framework Updates • 15,920 readers

Framework Update – V.9.3.0 Released

Hi Guys We are happy to announce framework update 9.3.0 which resolves a number of outstanding issues from earlier releases as well as some code optimization and minor feature c...

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30th April 2019 • Framework Updates • 18,663 readers

New Update – 9.2.7

Hi Guys We are happy to announce another framework update which includes a number of small changes and bug fixes. The change log includes; CORE - Updated admin area inte...

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26th March 2019 • Framework Updates • 18,756 readers

Framework Update – 9.2.6

Hi Guys Today we are pleasure to release a new update - version 9.2.5 - this update resolves minor issues which have been reported with WordPress 5.1.1. The change log incl...

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6th February 2019 • Framework Updates • 17,813 readers

Themes Update V9.2.5

Hi Guys I hope everyone had a relaxing and stress free holiday period and is now back in full swing with the new year. Today i am excited to announce the release of our l...

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21st December 2018 • PremiumPress News • 13,534 readers

Christmas Operating Times

Seasons greetings everyone. As i'm sure your aware, the holiday period is fast approaching and our team are looking forward to a well deserved break. During the December/Janu...

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17th December 2018 • Framework Updates • 11,470 readers

Framework Update 9.2.4

Hi guys I have updated the members area downloads with the latest theme updates - Version 2.9.4 The focus on this update is to provide additional options for child theme deve...

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19th October 2018 • Framework Updates • 10,429 readers

PremiumPress Theme Update 9.2.2

Hi Guys I will shortly be updating the members area downloads and WordPress admin updater tool with the latest framework updates. Version 9.2.2 is another maintenance update ...

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