PremiumPress WordPress Themes - Version 10.2.4 - Download Now

Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 10.2.4.

As always – we are working hard to bring you new and improved features for your business website. Version 10.2.4 includes lots of improvements, features, bug fixes and code optimization.

So what’s new in 10.2.4 – I hear you say.. well let me tell you 🙂

1. New SEO Tools for Meta Tags

This highly requested feature helps you setup custom meta tags (title, keyword and description) quickly and easily without the need of third party plugins.

Top SEO plugins are great and can still bed used with or without this feature however you’ll find more integrated options that are unique to your website when using this built-in tool. 💪

2. Elementor Preview Tools

We’ve been listening closely to user feedback and added in a new preview and design section for the PremiumPress block system. ❤️

Now switching between blocks and selecting a new block is quick and easy with preview displays ready for you to see.

3. New Admin Emails

In version 10.2.4+ you can setup and receive admin emails when different events happen on your website such as a new user joins, creates and updates a listing.

We have also updated the registration shortcode system to include options for custom registration fields – so you can include this data in your welcome emails too.

4. New Featured Image

It’s now even easier to see and update the featured image for your advertisement page.

The image is displayed visually when editing your existing listings and you can drag/drop images to quickly change the display order.

5. New Admin Only Mode

This is a user requested feature that we’ve added into this new release.

When enabled, only the admin will be able to add listings to your website and all of the user add listing options are removed. ✨

Full Change Logs

A full list of the changes made can be found in the changelogs listed on our website using the link below;

Question: How do you update to version 10.2.4?

Well i’m glad you asked – all version 10 customers can update their theme via the admin area of your WordPress website under the Dashboard -> updates tab. 👍

update question

For Version 9 members, we are working day and night to bring you the update ASAP.

Thank you again for your continued support. 🍺🍺

Any questions just us know.

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