PremiumPress Version 10.3.0 - Available Now

Today we are happy to announce the release of version 10.3.0

Version 10.3.0 fixes a few important bugs found in 10.2.8 along with improved features and add-ons.

1. Membership Packages

We’ve been working hard to improve and bring more membership functionality into the version 10 framework.

You can now setup custom memberships with improved membership functionality and display options.

2. New Recommended Items/Ads/Profiles

We have improved the dashboard pages for your members to display recommended items. For the dating theme it would be profile matching, in classifieds it would be ads, in directory theme it’s businesses etc etc

As the admin you can turn on/off this feature in the admin area.

3. Improve Multi-Language Setup

We have worked with many of our customers to locate translation issues and improve the overall translation and setup of our PremiumPress framework.

Thank you to everyone you contributed in pointing our areas of the theme that needed updating.

4. Third-party Newsletter Integration

You can now turn off the built-in newsletter system and enter your own custom form short codes to integration your own platform such as MailChimp, aweber, mailgun etc

5. Business Claim Listing Feature

This popular feature lets you create listings for businesses on behalf of the business owner and then provide them with the link to claim it.

Full Change Logs

A full list of the changes made can be found in the changelogs listed on our website using the link below;

Question: How do you update to version 10.3.0

All version 10 customers can update their theme via the admin area of your WordPress website under the Dashboard -> updates tab. 👍

Thank you again for your continued support. 🍺🍺

Any questions just us know.

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