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26th July 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,525 readers

WordPress Theme Update 9.1.8

Hi Guys I am happy to announce the latest round of updates which includes a number of bug fixes, optimisation and improvements. Version 9.1.8 fixes a number of small bugs tha...

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16th July 2018 • Plugins • 1,962 readers

Process payments in NGN with Paystack Payment Gateway

We are delighted to provide our customers with another great payment gateway, this time for a popular PayStack payment provider. Who are Paystacks? Paystack is a small an...

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7th July 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,850 readers

PremiumPress Themes Update 9.1.7

Update Version 9.1.7. The members area and WordPress updater tool have now been activated for the latest version, 9.1.7. Maintenance and Bug Fixes This release includes a ...

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28th June 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,519 readers

PremiumPress 9.1.6 Preview

Hi Guys A quick preview of whats to come in version 9.1.6 Over the last few weeeks we've been busy working behind the scenes to develop better tools and services to help you ...

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14th June 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,527 readers

Claim a business feature – Premium WordPress Themes

Now business owners can claim their listings directly from your website! This great new feature found in Version 9.x of our new responsive WordPress theme framework allows busines...

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12th June 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,583 readers

Framework Update 9.1.5

Premiumress Version 9.1.5 is now available Version 9.1.5 is a maintenance update which includes a number of small fixes and feature improvements as suggested by our customers vi...

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4th June 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,498 readers

Framework Update 9.1.4

Hi Guys I have updated the members area with the latest theme downloads. Version 9.1.4 is a maintenance update which includes a number of small fixes and optimisation improve...

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18th May 2018 • Framework Updates • 2,367 readers

Framework Update 9.1.3 + Beta Downloads

Version 9.1.3 Updates The members area will be updated shortly with the latest framework update - version 9.1.3 - which includes a few minor fixes and number of new features...

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11th May 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,470 readers

Framework Update 9.1.2

I have been working day and night to start bringing back some of the much requested features from the v8 framework, the latest update 9.1.2 includes a handful including the Wor...

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9th May 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,417 readers

Framework Update 9.1.1

Hi Guys As many of you know, we have set ourselves the huge task of updating all our themes to the new version 9 framework with a very short time frame todo so. This is not an...

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27th April 2018 • Framework Updates • 1,957 readers

Coupon Theme 9.0 Released

The new version of our Coupon theme for WordPress has been released and is now available for download in the members area. All VIP club members and Coupon Theme customers will...

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27th April 2018 • Framework Updates • 2,209 readers

Directory Theme 9.0 Released

The new version of our Online Directory theme for WordPress has now been released and is available for download in the members area. All VIP club members and Business Direct...

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26th March 2018 • Framework Updates • 2,204 readers

Real Estate Theme 9.0 Released

Hi Guys Real Estate Theme Version 9.0 The long awaited release of our new Real Estate theme is now available! For all existing clients and VIP club members the downloa...

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26th February 2018 • Framework Updates • 3,333 readers

V9.0 Framework Release Dates

Hi Guys,   The much anticipated PremiumPress 9.0 theme updates are soon to be released! The purpose of this blog post is to address some of the common questions recei...

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