PremiumPress 4.0.1 Theme Update

Version 10.4.1 is due for release this week.

This is a major update and includes lots new features, bug fixes, feature improvements and compatibility support for WordPress.

New Live Editing Tools

We have listened to your feedback (thank you! 🙌) and fully redeveloped the listing page setup.

The new layout and improvements make it quicker and easier for members and admin to edit and personalize their listing pages.

change listing page

New Background Images

Giving users the ability to customize their profile beyond the basics is becoming more and more popular. 🔥🔥

The new background header section allows your members to customize their listing page with a default or custom image.

change listing page

Members Area Updates

We are working hard a new Mobile APP version of PremiumPress themes. (coming soon!) 📲 😮‍💨

One of the necessary steps to keep the layout consistent is the revamp and improvement of the members account pages. 🥰

members area

New Escorts Theme

We have released a brand new WordPress theme for Escorts. ❤️

This new theme includes many powerful features along with all of the great functionality found within the PremiumPress framework.

VIP club and Developer Package customers will be able to download this right now from the members area.

change listing page

Distance & Location Search

Due to popular demand we have separated the country/distance search option allowing members who want a simple country/city search tool (without distance options) to enable it.

The new setup means you can disable Google/Mapbox completely and use a basic search tool or enable it and turn on/off both options. 💪

members area

Messenger Update

We have redeveloped the message system within our themes to allow users to directly connect with each other. ✨

The new built-in messenger system makes it easy for customers to ask questions or for users to get notifications.

members area

Question: How do you update to version 10.4.1

All version 10 customers can update their theme via the admin area of your WordPress website under the Dashboard -> updates tab. 👍


Thank you again for your continued support. 🍺🍺

Any questions just us know.

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