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Version 10.0.4 - July 6th 2020

Special thanks to Jozef Tlstak for reporting bugs and issues.
  • fixed - multiple bugs and issues reported by user Jozef
  • updated - Elementor functions to work with their new update
  • added - on/off display options to the design -> single page section.

Version 10.0.3 - July 3rd 2020

  • added new search block
  • added viemo video support
  • DT - added business hours widget
  • DT - added claim listing button
  • MJ - added house commission
  • updated admin pages to make setup easier to navigate
  • updated section class to include transparent layer

Version 10.0.2 - Jun 15th 2020

  • addedsupport for Amazon API (Shop Theme)
  • addednew language files

Version 10.0.1 - Jun 5th 2020

  • Release Version 10 - Stable Build 10.0.1

Version 9.4.3 - March 10th 2020

  • fixedbug with comment meta left after deletion
  • added[design setup] on/off switch for CSS combine
  • addedlazy load
  • addedcontact form widget
  • added[design setup] title removal option for list view in search
  • addedonly one listing option
  • addeduser photo to WP media and moved main photo to thumbnail size
  • updatedSHORTCODE Elementor widget to include array values
  • updatedwidgets code
  • fixed page nav on stores page
  • addeddisplay change for those without expiry dates
  • addedstandard/premium gig options
  • addedrecoding for buy now
  • addedbasic seller levels
  • addedcron for auto close and refund after 72 hours where job not seen by seller
  • addedcron for auto close job after 30 days where buyer did not release funds
  • fixedreviews system

Version 9.4.2 - Feb 9th 2020

Notes: Mostly bug fixes reported by the support desk.
  • fixed issue with sellspace admin edit banners
  • fixed featured listings issue in carousel
  • fixed issue with sidebar on pages
  • fixed saving keyword tags issue
  • fixed invoice design for print
  • added3 new search item designs
  • addedcustomer redirect link for memberships
  • added5 new listing package slots
  • addedsearch widget
  • addedcategories widget
  • addedsidebar display option to design setup
  • addedcustom CSS panel for design setup
  • addedchild theme export tool
  • redesigned search page
  • redesigned design setup page
  • updated big description to default to small description on store page
  • added map to search page
  • added new video preview timer feature
  • updated WP Customizer with new options

Version 9.4.1 - Jan 12th 2020

  • added elementor sections for replacing inner content instead of the entire page
  • added sample banner upload options
  • addedElementor sidebar widget
  • addedupdated logo and added transparent homepage button
  • removed login from header elements if registration is disabled
  • fixed category count but for adding listings
  • updated set default CSS width to 1300px
  • fixed issue with contact form

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